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A Couple of Horse Anecdotes

The fires in California have included going through a major Thoroughbred racing training center.  I have seen continous Twitter updates from people in racing since yesterday afternoon, as some horses have perished and many have been/are being rescued.  I thought these two different blogs posts were particularly poignant for horse lovers:

A Time for Heroes

Gaining Perspective

Well said.


Rampage of Appreciation

On this Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., I appreciate most of all that I don't have to think very hard to come up with things I'm thankful for.

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Facebook Page

I decided to go ahead and make a separate FB page for Charlotte Frost.   I'm not sure how it's going to dovetail with LJ, or if I'll end up moving to FB totally.   If I did the latter, I wouldn't delete the LJ.

A Point of View Anecdote

What's happening is merely what's happening.  How you feel about it is another matter. -- Neale Donald Walsch

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My Sexual Harassment

With all the sexual harassment stuff going on, I reflected back on times when I've felt harassed or "bothered", especially since I grew up in an era where such things were considered a natural part of the "males pursue females" mindset.

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Travels in the USA

I've been to every state except Alaska, and have also been to a couple of western Canadian providences.

Traveling to another continent always sounds exotic (and I have been to England and Scotland), but it's amazing how many wondrous things there are, right here in the USA.  Of course, you miss a lot unless you travel by car.  And traveling by car is wonderful and lovely, only if you can avoid traffic.  So, my preference, in many cases, is to drive the backroads, rather than the interstate.

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I Don't Believe in Evil But...

.. it can make for some interesting storytelling.

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It's Breeders Cup Weekend

With the Breeders' Cup this weekend (Fri-Sat), and the "Adventure" series gearing up to have their horses make more of an appearance, I thought I'd lay out a few things about the sport.  In my opinion, horse racing does a really bad job of educating the general public about its whys and wherefores.  I've tried to keep my answers to the FAQ-type questions below reasonably short; because, of course, there's a lot of further discussion that could be had on any paritcular question.

Important Point:  I'm talking about horse racing in North America.  Things can be quite different in other countries.

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New Story

The lastest "Adventure" installment.

AGITATION - Peace and happiness is hard to come by, especially for a mother with a missing 19yo daughter.  178k/29,174 words

Saturday Confessionals

My favorite moment of the week was a reference to Nosebook.

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"Start writing, no matter what.  The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on." -- Louis L'Amour

The next "Adventure" installment is up to 50k and still has a ways to go.  It's so much fun writing, when there's lots of dialogue that needs to happen, and thinking out loud, and coming to some resolutions (maybe!) about things that are disconcerting.  And figuring things out as the story goes along.

I love writing.  It's experiencing all kinds of emotions while sitting in my pajamas in front of the computer.  (Reading can serve that purpose, too.)  Especially when one's own life is pretty much a continuous state of contentment and joy; you get to step out of that, and experience some rawer emotions.

"I Lost Everything..."

I'm fascinated by these life stories, especially when the punchline is "... and it was the best thing that ever happened to me!"

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Regular or Unleaded?

Starsky and Hutch took place forty years ago!

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The State of Becoming

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." -- Lao Tzu

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September Musings

"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present.  Don't plan it, don't wait for it, just.... let it happen."  Agent Dale Cooper to Sheriff Truman on Twin Peaks

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Memorable Guest Performances

The name of the game is for heroic characters to be heroic.  But sometimes, even in badly written, cheesy, 70s scripts, guest performances can threaten to out-shine the heroes. Here's some of my favorites, and even a pair over-the-top characters that I felt detracted from the episode.

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What Year Is This?

After the over-the-top, opened-ended finale to Twin Peaks: The Return last night, I feel like all I want to do today is watch the original series, and get to enjoy the charming, ultra enthusiastic Agent Cooper (who, as himself, got maybe a dozen minutes of screen time in 18 hours of The Return), and his growing bond and affection for the town and Sheriff Harry Truman.  And maybe re-read some of my own fanfic, since it's the only fic I know that concentrates on their relationship.

A Twin Peaks Prediction

So, when the Season 3, twenty-five years after the fact, was first announced, Michael Ontkean, who had played Sheriff Harry S. Truman (my favorite character), was on a frantic search for his Sheriff's jacket, which had been auctioned off decades before.  Then it was announced that Ontkean was enjoying his retirement in Hawaii and wouldn't be returning.

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