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Another one where the story is interesting, but it's lacking as a Starsky & Hutch episode.

When they arrive on the scene of the murdered cab driver, Starsky cautions Hutch, "be nice" as they're getting out of Hutch's car.  I guess he means about the young and overly-excitable Officer Baker, who fills them in.  

They don't know anything about the two prior murders, with the same M.O., because they've just been put on the case.  So, what part of town are they that they don't know about the previous murders?

Geez, there's a few episodes I've skipped past, since I've already reviewed them.  But Starsky here is already sounding a lot like the bizarre Starsky in "Class in Crime" when, after speaking to the prostitute, he leans into the window of the black and white where Hutch is and mildly whines, "I want to go home.  Did you get anything yet?"  He just doesn't have much enthusiasm for his job these days, does he?  And Hutch is amazingly okay about being the one expected to do all the work in their "partnership".  

Back at the station, Hutch has to remind a yelling Dobey that, "It's not even our case."  Dobey says, "It is now."  I'm not sure why it's important to the plot that the guys are heretofore clueless about the two prior murders.  

When Starsky is filling his cab with gas, and K.C. drives up, she's looking at his back when she says that he "looks kind of foxy."  I really don't think her voice sounds masculine enough to fool Starsky into thinking she's a man, who is apparently coming on to him.  He says, "Sorry, I don't go that route."  At least, he's calm about it.  As opposed to in "Death in a Different Place", when he was trying to wrap his mind around the whole homosexuality thing.  

When Starsky notes her guitar, K.C. says that she's the county's "answer to Loretta Lynn".  It sounds like she says the name of the county that they're in, but I can't catch what it is.  

Anyway, she's the one bright spot in a dreary episode.  

I don't understand the back story on this.  After the fourth driver, Benson, is killed, they find out that Lionel was crippled in an accident concerning a cab driven by Benson.  So, why was Lionel murdering?  Was he mad at everybody, because he didn't know who was responsible for him being crippled, and was going to make everybody pay?  The grandfather does say later that Lionel is going to "make them all pay", but one has to wonder why he doesn't just go after the cab driver that he feels was responsible for crippling him.

If Starsky is sleep-deprived, then how come Hutch isn't?  Isn't Hutch manning the radio at the other end of the frequency of the one he gave to Starsky?  I assume they have a plan if Starsky happens to pick up the killer.

In any case, it's hard to find the humor in Hutch's delight at how tired Starsky is.  He really wants Starsky driving around three-quarters asleep?  When he might have his back turned to a murderer?  For that matter, doesn't it seem like Starsky should be paying a whole lot more attention to his customers, since there's a possibility that one could be the murderer, and especially knowing that all the descriptions from witnesses were so different from each other?

At least, Hutch finally gets concerned about Starsky's safety when the grandfather describes Lionel's disguise.  

It's really lame how they show Starsky getting injured.  It looks like Lionel grabs his neck, wanting to crush his trachea, and Starsky manages to open the door and fall out of the cab to the ground.  But the way he's acting, and with his vision impaired, I guess he's supposed to have a concussion?  When Hutch and K.C. drive up, they see the cracked glass on the driver side door.  That suggests that Lionel slammed Starsky's head against the window, causing the concussion, but we don't see that.  Or maybe it's that the pressure to his neck caused slight paralyzation?  

For how long the scene drags out of Lionel chasing Starsky, we really could have used a bigger payoff at the end, than Hutch examining Starsky's head (which mysteriously no longer has any blood), and having both hands on Starsky's ankle.


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Jan. 7th, 2013 01:45 am (UTC)
I always thought it wasn't plausable that S&H wouldn't suspect Lionel.... I mean he really doesn't look like a lady! And they are supposed to be "the best" detectives at metro, right? And they aren't on the lookout for strange behavior in the cab? They are bored and tired and not even looking for the killer who, yeah, could look like anything.... and Hutch is unconcerned and Starsky turns off radios.... dumb! Good cops would never....

okay, that's my rant about that. From the first time I watched it I thought both of them should have recognized Lionel as the potential killer straight away.

Oh, and yeah... should have been a bit more h/c there at the end!
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