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You're Not Welcome

Those two black guys that were arrested at a Starbucks for not orderning anything... that brought back some memories.

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"So What Do You Do...

... when you're not at work?"

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It's April 1st

It's also Easter, but since I'm not a Christian the holiday doesn't mean anything to me.  Except, it sort of does this year.

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Sunday Chatter

I love finding new toys.

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Little Miracles

The smaller they are, sometimes the more profound they are.

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Validation That Never Comes

Isn't it weird when you realize that somebody else truly doesn't believe that you know what you know?

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Don't Tell

The biggest mistake I ever made in my fanfic career.

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With my busy season winding down, I've been on a binge.

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Other Saddlebreds I Have Known

Following up on my last post....

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The Joy of the Journey

In the spring of 1980, when I was 19yo, my job gave me a raise to $6.50 an hour.

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Sometimes Things Work Out...

... even when you have no reason to think that they will.

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Sunday Morning Musings

One of my brothers sent in a DNA sample to one of those places that analyzes your DNA.

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Gifts and Trinkets

I'm in awe of those who always give perfect gifts.
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Another Writing Tool

I found another gem.  This is ProWritingAid.  It looks wonderful and I can't wait to use it!  (In fact, composed this post in the app.)

Besides the usual spelling and grammar tools, ProWritingAid does many other things to catch naughty no-nos in the craft of writing.  Such as, consistency in using the same spelling and capitalization for certain words (I'm really bad at that), and over-used phrases.  It'll even catch cliched phrases.

In reading the Facebook posts on various writing tools, I am amazed at how helpful the users of the programs are to others.  Creative types like writers often have the reputation for being temperamental and eccentric, as well as having narcissistic tendencies.  And yet, what I've seen over and over is an eagerness to help others use the various softwares and apps.

In using the Readability feature, I eliminated some 20 unnecessary words from this short post.  I did keep in one phrase that could have been shortened, because I felt like it.  I have read fanfic stories that were so perfectly written that they were devoid of any texture or soul.  There is something to be said for one's own style.

Live Cam for a Foal

I didn't know the racing museum had this going.  It's got a live cam on some mares due to foal.  This foal is just a few hours old, as of this post.  It's a Claiborne Farm, which is where Secretariat stood stud, and where, in the "Adventure" series, Darla's sire, Forli, stood stud.



Serendipity -- Or Simply Amazing Moments

There could be some logic to the belief that time is fluid, like a river, with currents, edies, and backwash. -- Spock to Kirk in the episode "City on the Edge of Forever"

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December Musings

December was a weird month for relationships.

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Contemplating Rules

"I followed all the rules.  Man's and God's.  And you, you followed none of them.  And they all loved you more." -- Alfred to brother Tristan in Legends of the Fall

Is it any wonder that the rebel is the most revered?

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A Couple of Horse Anecdotes

The fires in California have included going through a major Thoroughbred racing training center.  I have seen continous Twitter updates from people in racing since yesterday afternoon, as some horses have perished and many have been/are being rescued.  I thought these two different blogs posts were particularly poignant for horse lovers:

A Time for Heroes

Gaining Perspective

Well said.