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Heroes Episode

Christine Phelps is surely one of the best characters in the series for prompting Starsky and Hutch to show off to each other.

And that really is the great point of the episode.  Under the guise of showing off to Christine, the fellas put all their energy into showing off to each other.  It's quite telling that, at the end of the first day, when Starsky suggests they go out for "one of those drinks that come in a pineapple", he's clearly expecting Hutch to come along, too.  I mean, it's not like he's trying to snag a date with Christine before Hutch does.  After all, what fun would that be if Hutch wasn't there to watch him in action?

Fighting over Christine, so to speak, has nothing to do with Christine.  They each aren't trying to snag her; instead, they're trying to snag each other's attention.  The whole episode is reminiscent of the opening scenes of later fourth season "The Game", when Huggy's new waitress is just a tool for the guys to constantly try to one-up each other (which has already been going on quite a bit at that point in the episode.)

Speaking of reminiscing, the "tough cops" bar scene is very similar to the bar scene in the pilot, the reading for which is what got PMG the part of Starsky.

I love how this episode is such blatant evidence of Hutch's contrary nature.  He says "no" a couple of times to the idea of Starsky wanting them to by a house as a fixer-upper to invest.  Yet, by the tag, Hutch has obviously yielded to what Starsky wants, because he refers to Starsky having bought the house with "our money". 

Interesting how Christine says, on day one, that she's on a diet, suggesting she wants to skip lunch.  Yet, by day three, she's ordered a gigantic lunch for herself, which she then has to throw away in the trash, or get left behind.  (Really, what was she intending to do with all that food?)

It really is too funny (and so heart-warming) the way the guys pull together, as soon as they're offended by Christine's article.  After all their falling-all-over-themselves the first two days, it's so hilarious when, on the third day, they have her sitting in the back seat, and have to make an effort to show even the most mundane of normal manners to her.  They get downright mean toward her, which is pure vindictiveness.

Though they did pull together in their spite of Christine, Starsky and Hutch were never actually apart or at odds in this episode.  All that falling-all-over-themselves were them falling all over themselves, rather than over her.  Their "look at me, look at me" peacock shenanigans were never about her.

There's an odd moment near the beginning, when the guys want to talk to Dobey alone, so all three step outside his office, and Dobey is looking at Hutch when he says, "What is it, Starsky?"  Like, he momentarily forgot which was which.

And of course, Starsky blowing in Hutch's face so Hutch can check his breath, and Starsky smacking Hutch on the rear with his rolled up papers.... *airy sigh*.

This fun episode is enough to make one wonder, "Why don't they just fuck and get it over with?" 

But they still had some trials and tribulations to get through for another season and a half.

As a final thought, why is it that the prostitutes always come on to Hutch?  Roxie offers him a freebie in this episode, Sweet Alice always had a thing for him, and the madame in "SH are Guilty" (I think it was) suggested he come back for a visit.  These women don't dare touch Starsky.  It's as though they instinctively know who's most likely to be interested.  Except Hutch always turns them down.  But he inadvertently ended up with a prostitute being a love of his life, anyway -- that being Gillian, of course.

What is it about Hutch and prostitutes?  It's like they recognize each other.  I don't mean that Hutch is like a prostitute, but there's some kind of similar inner sadness or longing that drives them all, perhaps?