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The Plague Part 2 and "Babe"

I think the S&H series had one of the worst sound tracks in series television history.

The soundtrack really is awful, to the point of distraction.  No matter what season one is talking about.  None of that "music" is the least bit appealing.

So, Part 2 of "The Plague" has more of the super intense Starsky -- to the point where he attacks Huggy for not having any information on where to find Callendar.  A Starsky without a Hutch is a very dangerous thing.

DS does play needy and vulnerable so well.  The h/c of this is unfortunately frustrating in that Starsky can't give Hutch his full attention, and when he does give Hutch his full attention, Hutch doesn't want him around, because he knows it's more important for Starsky to be putting his energy into finding Callendar.  H/c is a lot more fun when the hurt one relishes the comfort.

Of course, the gem of this episode -- and one of the great gems of the entire series -- is Starsky writing "Starsk" on the glass window.  It's a more intense love moment than sex could ever be.  Really.

Judith Kaufman is very likable because she's no threat.

I'm glad we weren't distracted with political repercussions about allowing a hit man to get away.

Yeager and her son are likable, too.  In fact, Mrs. Yeager practically steals the whole episode.  I remember, years ago, in some sort of list discussion, somebody saying that they wanted to throw up every time Mrs. Yeager mentioned her son liking Callender "too much". I'm so glad that child sexual abuse hadn't reached the witch-hunt status back in the 70s that it did a decade or so later.  Back then, it wasn't against the law to actually show some fondness for somebody else's kid.

Lucky Hutch.  The plague is spreading and claiming many more victims, but the second bed in his room remains empty.

The tag is one of the best ever.  Starsky calling Hutch a "big, blond beauty", and saying he's going to to tuck him into bed... *happy sigh*

Back in the 80s, when I was into Kirk/Spock and had tried a few SH fanzines, I was really puzzled about why stories were littered with the guys constantly calling each other "babe".  I was an intense fan, and I never heard that.  Then it came out that Starsky uttered the word beneath his breath in "The Fix" flashback in third season "Partners", and here again in Part 2 of "The Plague".  But I can't hear it unless I specifically listen for it.  As such, I still wonder at times if it's in viewer's imaginations.  Anyway, it does get over-used, I think.  I mean, lots of other words, like "buddy" and "pal", work just as well and are just as loving, in terms of the tone they're delivered in.