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The Collector

Two over-the-top guest characters makes for one of the worst episodes ever.

I really dislike this episode.  It doesn't feel like a SH episode.  For starters, there's all the emphasis on the fact that it's Hutch's neighborhood.  And that somehow means Starsky doesn't know about the bad guys in Hutch's neighborhood, even though they do cop work together?  What, Hutch has been moonlighting alone to check out the bad guys just in his own neighborhood?  I doubt it.

And how many scenes include Starsky and Hutch?  Not many.  Way too much attention is given to the co-bad guys and their eccentricities.  And then there's the insanity of using Molly as a lure for the obnoxious bad guy.

The guys are at their most manipulative and are unusually inconsiderate of Huggy (though they're that way again in "The Trap").

Hutch says he doesn't like blondes, which makes no sense.  But then, I think he was just being contrary to be contrary.

The only good moments are a couple of good rear-end views, and Hutch walking on the Torino.  Starsky is so calm and polite when he tells Hutch not to do that, lol.

The "musical doors" thing in Dobey's office was well-choreographed, too.  Plus, the guys sharing binoculars.

Somehow, it seems fitting that my local station has this episode all messed up. During the opening credits, they suddenly go to a few commercials, and then come back to the theme music ending.  That also happens smack in the middle of another scene.  And when the final, climatic scene starts, it fades to black for the remaining ten minutes or so.  Similar things happened the last time the station aired it.

Of course, I missed the tag, which I recall was decent.  Starsky referring to himself as "Gordo" in deference to Hutch's desire to insult, is quite charming.  Starsky continually amazes me with how he so easily defers to Hutch, without tarnishing his own ego in the least.