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Foxy Lady

Hutch's poor apartment.  It gets ransacked for the third time in season three.  You'd think the guy would learn to not leave his key in such easy reach.

This is a rather harmless episode, which isn't necessarily a compliment.  It's one I remember very little of, so each time I see it, it should be like a new experience -- and yet, I find myself not particularly interested to find out what happens next.  In fact, I'm not sure a viewer who manages to stay interested is particularly clear on how Lisa hid the money.

Starsky and Hutch don't seem very on the ball, cop-wise.  It's nice that the only time the episode gets the least bit serious is when Starsky expresses concern for Hutch's safety.  Otherwise, it seems really strange when they realize someone is in Lisa's hotel room, and they just have her standing right there in the hall while they draw their guns and kick the door in.  Good thing the bad guys weren't trying to shoot through the front door.

Hutch seems a bored hostage and not particularly interested in trying to escape.  But it is pretty funny how he's not very happy with Lisa for getting him and Starsky mixed up.

One has to focus on the personal aspects of this episode to get anything out of it.  There seems to be a lot of repeating themes.

Poor Starsky has to pee again, and -- again -- Hutch won't let him.  He had to pee in "Las Vegas Strangler" but instead of merely asking a clerk at the drug store for the men's room like a grown-up, he tells Hutch about it (parent/child) when Hutch impatiently asks what's wrong, and Hutch orders him to "hold it". Then when Starsky asks Hutch to stop by a gas station when they leave the drug store, Hutch says no.  (Though since Hutch usually does what Starsky wants after saying no, he probably really did stop by a gas station).

Now, Starsky makes a pit stop at Hutch's apartment (and lets himself in with the key over the door), because he has an urgent need for the facilities.  Considering that Lisa was in the bathroom, it is a good thing Hutch blocks the door.  I just don't know why Starsky falls for Hutch's explanation about the bathroom being out of order -- I mean, Hutch was going to have to pee at some time, so would probably do it in the shower.  So, surely Starsky would point out that he can do that, too.

(Starsky later has to pee in fourth season "The Golden Angel" -- after he's all dressed up in costume -- and tells Hutch about it, but there's really no help for him at that point.)

Between the two, Hutch obviously has the macho bladder, because he never has to pee.  He asked for a men's room in "Sweet Revenge", but that wasn't to pee.

I think this episode discussion has digressed.

I do love how Starsky and Hutch are so at home at each other's apartment.  Starsky smells pizza and automatically feels that he gets to indulge.  (It really is too funny that Hutch was apparently going to feed that pizza slice to Lisa -- after having dropped it on the floor.  Starsky wouldn't care about a little dirt, but... geez!)

Then Hutch comes over to Starsky's apartment and lets himself in, and scares the beejeezees out of Starsky.  And then them fighting over the door handle to Starsky's bedroom is pretty funny... and Starsky making the mad dive for the bed, and Hutch so nicely grabbing Lisa's note away from him, is well done.

(For that matter, the telephone choreography in the squad room was pretty good -- when they both are on the phone to different people, talking out loud, and then finish at the same time and hang up together.  Nice touch.)

All their one-upping over Lisa is reminiscent of mooning over Christine Phelps in "Heroes", though their antics aren't near as charming this time around.

All the "pretty woman and lots of money" crap is too reminiscent of the Vanessa scenario, which my station just aired yesterday.   But you've got to hand it to Lisa for being much smarter in how to manipulate men.  And she's the obvious winner in the episode, all the way around.

The interaction between Dobey and Starsky is just too weird.  Between screaming and yelling and please-don't-tape-that-wire-to-my-skin, and Dobey so wimpily giving up when Starsky has to throw away the wire...  it just gives me the willies with how out of synch it all feels.

A harmless episode... and quite forgettable.