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Death Ride

Since "Death Ride" was the second episode I ever saw, I always wondered if I would have watched S&H again, if it had been the first episode I watched (rather than "Shootout").  I suspect if I'd just seen the first half, no.  The second half, yes.

Apparently, my local station forgot to show Part 3 of "Targets Without a Badge", and they've jumped back to early first season.

I always start daydreaming during the first shootout.  I so don't care about what's going on.  The later shootout in the cornfield is more intriguing.

Interesting that in the first scene at Huggy's, Starsky and Hutch are sitting far apart from each other at the vacant bar.  That is so unlike them.

Of course, Hutch takes charge of the money for traveling expenses when the secretary asks who's going to handle the cash.

When I decided I was going to keep watching the series was the scene at the diner.  I just loved the way Hutch felt he could sample Starsky's food, and Starsky didn't even mind.  And then the scolding from Hutch that Starsky was eating something so awful.

And then there was the way Hutch pulled Starsky's hat down farther on his head, when Starsky was trying to start the van.  And then all the teasing about the watch.  I just loved their ease with each other, and that lack of personal space where each other was concerned.

Considering how sexist the series could be, and Hutch's early "isn't it just like a woman" comment regarding the heavy suitcase, they are actually pretty respectful toward the pseudo Joanne Mello.

Otherwise, this episode was just standard 70s cop fare.