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Lady Blue

For me, the walk in the park was one of the best definitions of the series.

Just how many other TV series would do a scene where the guys have a bunch of lines that have nothing to do with the plot of the episode, but instead is purely personal?  When I first saw "Lady Blue", I practically started babbling in tongues at the idea of how no other show I knew of would spend time on a scene like that.  Especially men having such a sensitive conversation.  It's such a beautiful moment.

The scene at the impound garage almost works as well.

The "numbers" scene establishes fairly early that Hutch is the one who is most likely to butt his head metaphorically against the wall at the insanity of life, while Starsky is the one much more willing to let life slide off.  Even when Starsky makes the illogical leap that he's indirectly responsible for Helen's death, he's plenty willing to have Hutch talk him out of a pity party, via humor.

The first scene with Dobey is an example of why I've found it difficult to take him seriously as a police captain.  He very reasonably takes Starsky off the case, and then let's Starsky talk him out of it.  (Though it is nice that he looks at Hutch for confirmation, first, that Starsky can handle it.)  I much prefer the Dobey from the pilot.  Richard Ward was a much more powerful actor who came across as a serious captain, and I can't imagine Starsky and Hutch pushing him around the way they did Bernie Hamilton's Dobey in the series.

Of course, the tag is wonderful, and points out that Starsky has a close relationship with his mother -- and that Hutch is intimate enough with Starsky to have his mother's phone number.  It does seem a rather self-conscious we're-not-gay bit about Hutch having someone over later.  But the scene overall makes a nice exclamation point for Hutch's quiet, laid-back concern for Starsky throughout the episode.  (Very similar to how he behaved toward a hurting Starsky in "Pariah".)

Hutch is so stabilizing to Starsky.  It's the balance of two souls that's such a beautiful thing to witness.