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This is one of a handful of first season episodes that harps back to an early intention to have the series take place at night.

In the first scene, it's night, and they mention having just come on shift when they got called in about the shoplifting that Larry does.

I like the mixture of banter, action, and compassion throughout.

What the heck is a hoppopitimus?  Did PMG get dyslexic and they just went with it rather than stop the scene?  Because if that was part of the written dialogue, then surely Hutch would have corrected him, or at least given him a look.  Instead, he doesn't react, like he doesn't think Starsky said anything strange.

I love how Starsky helps himself to Hutch's money (which Hutch presumably won from Starsky) when he needs cash to get his Chinese food.

Of course, the running gag is that Starsky never has a chance to eat, and Hutch refuses to eat for 40 hours.  Neither extreme sounds very healthy, and I'd like to think that if Dobey knew about either, he'd say something (rather than helping himself to Starsky's admittedly over-abundance of food; but then, Starsky indicated that he was hoping Hutch would join him.)  It goes a long way toward making it clear that Hutch is a health freak, but in retrospect, I think it's just a phase he's going through.  But I do love how he refers to himself as being in fantastic shape.  It's always good to have a positive self-image.

It is funny to me how Starsky ends up asking Hutch's permission to eat, and then needs RC to side with him.  Parent/child.  He also asked for Hutch's okay earlier to go next door to pick up his Chinese.  (Just when is it that Hutch became the parent/boss in their relationship?  It seems to go back to before the series started.)

The relationship between Larry and RC is a nice thing.

The Torino gets walked on three different times -- twice by Hutch and once by Starsky.  (And then there's that weird moment where that homeless-looking guy is waxing it.  If he was looking for a buck, neither Starsky  nor Hutch considered indulging him.)

Kittens are in three different scenes.  It really is a bit much with the guys arguing over which cat is which.  Throughout the series, they deal with people getting them mixed up (whether with their real names or their undercover names) and they can't separate the two cats, either -- until one of them pees.  And then Hutch, of course, has the last word.