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The Velvet Jungle

This is one of the more boring episodes to sit through, despite the guys seeming to do their best to spice things up with blatant flirting and over-the-top reactions between their lines.

At the very beginning, the little deli across the street is called Sally's Sandwich Shop.  And yet, the proprietor is a man.  And he's making batter for pancakes.  And even though it's morning -- when customers would be wanting pancakes -- he's closed.  Yet, later in the day, he's open and wanting the guys to order pancakes from him.  (Not sandwiches, but pancakes.)

Interesting that in the 35 years or so since this episode was made, attitudes toward immigrants/immigration hasn't changed.  I mean, that it's still a highly controversial subject.

When Starsky comes up behind Hutch and scares him... that's just sweet.  It's such an everyday "I love you" moment.

The whole bar scene seems overplayed, as does the conversation between the guys in the car -- which, frankly, this episode needed.  I can't help but wonder if Starsky's line to Hutch about getting back at him for the blind date was in the script.  An early magazine interview has DS talking delightfully about how he set PMG up for a blind date with a girl on the set who was "really ugly".  He did it as a joke.  (A mean one, in my opinion.)

Once Paco is in the episode, he pretty much dominates.  His clear speech and accent just sort of takes over, and this episode was bland enough to allow that to happen.

The "mime" bit does nothing for me.  I'm sure the guys had fun with it, but it just added more slow movement to an episode that was too slow-moving to begin with.

Interesting the Hutch and Paco seem rather cozy together, hanging out at Hutch's apartment.