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Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty

It takes quite a stretch of the viewer's imagination to buy into all the witnesses who are so adamant that the doubles were really Starsky and Hutch.

It's really neat that the guys have that log book, detailing exactly what time they arrive and leave witnesses.  It's just that we're at the very end of the second season, and we've never seen them make a note in the log book.  I'm pretty sure we never see the log book the remaining two seasons, either.

Ryan is Chief Ryan in the office, but he's Captain Ryan when they're talking to the lady at the diner.  It's one of those ironic moments, during that scene, when Starsky says, "No use arguing with the TV."  I know that, when I was a teenager, my life certainly seemed to revolve around it.

Why is it that prostitutes always zero in on Hutch and leave Starsky alone?  Nikki offers to send Hutch a card with her new address.  Roxie offered him a freebie in "The Heroes".  Both times, Starsky was standing right there, but the gals make no such offers to him.  Plus, Sweet Alice had a thing for Hutch. And then, of course, the great female love of Hutch's life was Gillian.  It's like he has some sort of beacon that draws prostitutes to him; whereas, Starsky gives no such signals.  I've mentioned before that I wonder if prostitutes feel that Hutch is a kindred spirit, in a sense.  Maybe they're all lost souls searching for a better life; whereas, Starsky has found what he's wanted.  If anything, I would think most would view Starsky as the one most likely to be rebellious and not care that prostitution is illegal, if he decided he wanted to indulge.  But it's like he has aura about him that says, "Not searching, not interested.  I've got what I want right here."

Just how hard can it be to find another red Torino with a white stripe?  Seems like that would be the quickest way to find out who the bad guys are.  For starters, whoever did the paint job would be a good witness.

Fifi makes for some nice comic relief.  But, really, does Hutch wear boxers?  I doubt it.

I love how Starsky always opens doors for Hutch to walk through first.  What a gentleman.

Of course, the gem of the episode is when they pretend to be janitors so they can snoop through Ryan's office.  The banter is at its best, as well as the clumsiness of having no idea of exactly what they're supposed to be doing as janitors.  Plus, we get the little extra prize of Hutch climbing over Starsky.  

When Ryan walks in and finds Hutch hiding behind the door, Hutch has a similar nervousness as in the beginning of "Hutchinson for Murder One" when he's getting ready to see Dobey about getting reimbursed for expenses; plus, also on the witness stand in the first part of "Targets Without a Badge".  He seems to get really nervous around authority figures, which makes one wonder if he felt similarly around his father.

Speaking of such, we do get some important background information on Hutch at the end of the climatic scene.  He says he doesn't have a brother.  Since he mentions a brother-in-law in the tag of "Starsky's Lady", that prompts the assumption that he has at least one sister.

It really is a refreshing twist that Starsky and Hutch are wrong about Chief Ryan, and ransacking his office really wasn't necessary.

I think Starsky needs singing lessons.

Both guys have cleaning ladies.  It's amazing they can afford such, but even more amazing that, as little as they're home, they mess up their apartments enough to require help from strangers.