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The Heavyweight

This episode doesn't have much to remember it by.

I love how, when resting from lifting crates and being confronted by the hoodlums, Hutch prevents Starsky from standing up, just so he can stand up first, and then help Starsky up.  It's almost a parallel way to how Starsky likes to always open doors for Hutch to go through first.  But as far as the scene goes, I don't know why Starsky and Hutch care if the hoodlums want to do their work for them.  I mean, at that point, Starsky and Hutch don't know that the hoodlums are associated with the murdered cop.

I think PMG is wearing jeans at least one size too small.  I'm not sure how he can breathe, or not get sores from his pants rubbing too much in delicate areas.

Hutch is so smooth in how he gets rid of Sharon, and doesn't care that Starsky isn't going to get any relief from his "frustration".

It's a nice moment when Booker calls Hutch "Ace".

I love Hutch's super gentle voice when he calls Starsky to help with the meeting between Spenser and Gavin, and he asks, "What?" and then says, "Yeah, I'll call for backup."

During that same phone call, Hutch says, "Yeah, you're closer."  And Starsky does indeed beat Hutch there.  But I'm puzzled as to why that mattered, in terms of the subsequent, rather non-exciting shootout that didn't happen.

This episode is rather innocuous.  There's not much to say about it, one way or another.  The most profound event is Jeeter's betrayal of Spencer (though it's hard not to sympathize with his concern for his own life), but it's not like it serves to stress, all the more, the loyalty between Starsky and Hutch, or something along that line.  

The subplot of the relationship between Starsky and Sharon would have been more interesting if Sharon would have been more interesting.  But other than some mildly cutesy dialogue between Starsky and Hutch, it really doesn't serve much purpose.

In fact, perhaps the best thing about the episode is wondering how Hutch is going to retaliate for having the beer dumped in his lap.