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This episode is utter silliness and absurdity, but I eventually came around to enjoying it, rather than detesting and being appalled by it. Still, I doubt I've seen it as many as five times in all these years.

Hutch seems to enjoy playing gay just a little too much.

Starsky seems to enjoy moving his mouth a lot, without anyone understanding what he's saying, just a little too much.

They both use their undercover personas in various situations when it isn't even necessary.

Did the blind clerk at the cigar shop ever feel Mr. Marlene's hands?  I don't think so.  Yet, he supposedly knows that Marlene isn't really a hairdresser because of his strong, tough hands (which Hutch seems complimented by).

In one of the scenes with the hotel security man, right before the scene where Huggy appears, there's a moment when Hutch looks away, and I swear that DS almost cracks up.

Everyone seems to be having a little too much fun talking about "pouches".  Especially pouches that hold stones.

It's odd that the successful buyer calls it a pouch, rather than a "box" that the seller insisted was correct terminology.

What else is there to say?  The plotline, characterizations, and behavior is beyond silly.