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Texas Longhorm

The earliest episodes in a series are always a little rough, as the actors settle into their characters.

The "Cinderella" analogy Starsky makes in the car, concerning the steel toe piece, is reminiscent of the "bugs in the toilet" analogy Starsky makes in the pilot.  For that matter, Fat Rolly is brought back from the pilot, as well as the more physical intimidation tactics.  (As in, "It's time for a big fight, just because.")

When I first saw this episode as a teenager, I didn't understand the whole toe piece thing, because I didn't know what a toe piece was.  It is interesting, early on, to see Starsky toy with Hutch.  As the series goes on, it's usually Starsky that's the butt of the jokes.  And he is even somewhat here, when trying to work vending machines, and trying to operate telephones.  It's just that those difficulties aren't initiated by Hutch.

Speaking of phone booths, these guys seem really fond of their dimes.  They treat them like cherished objects in numerous early episodes.

It's rather cute when Dobey scolds Starsky for the creative writing of his reports.

The scene at the blood bank seems rather over the top, with the bizarre behavior of the characters.  But then, that sets up the tag.

Speaking of the tag, it took me a moment to realize "what's wrong with this picture".  At Huggy's, the guys aren't wearing jackets or double layers of shirts.  In short, they aren't carrying their guns!  That's highly unusual, and I've never noticed it before.  

When considering the story line, it's hard to wonder what the point of this episode is.  The good guys don't exactly prevail.  One of their prime suspects is removed via a vigilante killing by their remaining victim, Zac Taylor, and then Zac himself gets killed by the other suspect.

For that matter, Zac is a likable character, and it's hard to fault him for wanting to quietly dole out justice in his own way.  

I like the fact that, while it's apparent that Starsky and Hutch have been partnered for a while, and can communicate with only vague gestures, it's also obvious that they're still getting to know each other.  I like the learning process they go through in the series.  It's also one of the reasons I have a hard time buying the idea of them banging each other early on.  Such could only be sex for the sake of sex, since they're still laying the foundation for the intimacy of their personal relationship, and it seems that sex could only cheapen what they otherwise end up having together.