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This episode -- their fourth chronologically -- is what I think of as the first "real" episode, where the actors have gotten settled into their characters, and their characters genuinely love what they're doing -- and especially doing such with each other.

I like how Starsky likes to makes sure that Hutch has something to eat. 

The banter with Crandell at the Pits is really wonderful.   After they finally let Crandell leave the booth, Hutch sits next to Starskyrather than across from him, which just seems like such a ballsy thing for a guy to do with another guy.  And then there's that Starsky and Hutch classic moment -- when Starsky picks up Hutch's sunglasses from the table and puts them on.  That gesture had to have been adlibbed, it's so natural, especially with the way Starky has to nudge Hutch to get his attention, and they both seem so genuinely amused by his antics.

(Jump to the end of season three, in "Class in Crime" when Starsky and Hutch are talking in the Torino, before Hutch meets with the professor.  Just before Hutch leaves the car, he removes Starsky's sunglasses from his face and puts them on.  I've always thought of that as Hutch taking back the sunglasses that Starsky took from him in "Snowstorm".  Both moments are so giddily fantastic in their quiet spontaneity.)

When they go to the parking garage, before Stryker drives up, what were they doing there?  Starsky says to Hutch, "I'll be down in a second.  Need anything?"  Where was he going, that Hutch wouldn't want or need to come with him?

In the next scene in Dobey's office, Dobey and IA know all about the missing cocaine.  Is that because Starksy and Hutch had already told them about the confrontation with Stryker, or had IA figured out that there should have been more cocaine, and Starsky and Hutch didn't know that yet, until Stryker told them?

Interesting that Dobey mentions his late partner, Elmo Jackson, and "Like you and Hutch, we went a long way together."  Based on the seven or eight years mentioned in future seasons, that means S&H have been partnered together for five or six years at this point, which doesn't seem like "a long way".  But then later in "The Deadly Imposter", they obviously went to the academy together.  So, they defnitely stayed in touch between the academy, and being in blue when they weren't partnered, until they could become detectives.

When they leave the above scene, Hutch gives Starsky one of those wonderful belly pats.  He likes touching Starsky's stomach, which always strikes me as such a tender gesture.

I don't understand why they put an APB on Crandell just because they were going to miss their five o'clock appointment with him.  Maybe they thought he'd try to run when they didn't show up.  Still, it seems extreme.

This is the first time I've noticed that Starsky's refers to "my uncle's car lot".  In later "Jo Jo" he mentions that Merle the Earl "knows my Uncle Al", but I didn't realize that Al himself owned a car dealership.  That's probably where Starsky got his love of souped-up cars.

In season one, we get both kittens and dogs in the show.  The series really could have used more animals later on.  In this episode, it seems weird that Hutch refers to the mysterious dog as "the dog with the spots."  In the tag, he says, "Hey, spotted dog."  He doesn't know that white dogs with black spots are called Dalmations?

It doesn't make sense that Stryker would want to "hit" Starsky and Hutch.  If they're dead, then he defniitely has no way of getting his million dollars in cocaine back, since he thinks they have it.  For that matter, if he thinks Starsky and Hutch are the ones with the coke, why he is so certain they'll check out Crandell's apartment?  The only reason to check it out is to find the coke.

When Stryker is arrested, it's a great line when Hutch says, "Never pick on a man's partner".  That establishes a theme throughout the series.  

The climatic shootout is poignant, because Starsky's fear is palatable when he and Burke hear the shot fired from inside the cabin.  And then Hutch sitting so remorsefully in front of the refrigerator.  Which prompts Starsky to lay a hand on his arm -- and keep it there for a long moment.