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The Hostages

For being just an ordinary first season episode, "The Hostages" has an impressive list of guest stars, where each went on to much greater fame.  

This episode doesn't have much in the way of interesting or exciting actiivty with the guys, but it has such a sense of "favorite old clothes" comfort to it, because of the way Starsky and Hutch are so comfortable with each other.

I just love how in their first scene, Starsky takes charge of Hutch.  He's so bursting with energy and life that Hutch will even allow him the "two out of three" compliment, which I assume means that Starsky is dark and handsome, but not tall.  That's sweet that Hutch thinks Starsky is handsome.  As for Starsky, he needs an audience of one while he attempts to make a move on a new conquest.  It's no fun scoring if Hutch isn't there as a witness.  

But, of course, Amy isn't at all interested in Starsky, because she's worried about the boyfriend she already has.  It really is noble of Starsky to want to check out why the boyfriend hasn't shown up for breakfast.  (And, of course, he requires that Hutch come along for that, too.)

When they go to the Coles' house, Starsky is going to pretend to be an encyclopedia salesman, even though he's not carrying any books?

Interesting that Belle is so rattled by the fact that Tom's wife is pregnant, though she apparenlty doesn't have any qualms about non-pregnant women being murdered.

Hutch and Sweet Alice.  What's the story there?  She seems so sad, the way she wants Hutch and, while playing sweet and even mildly seductive, he really just wants information from her.  With Starsky saying, "Nobody sees him quite the way you do, Sweet Alice", it prompts one to wonder just how it is Alice and Hutch know each other.  The intensity of the moment between Hutch and Sweet Alice is diffused when Hutch squeezes Starsky's arm before they make their exit.  It's as though Hutch needed to ground himself after using her interest in him for information she'd rather not have given.   

Starsky has his own scene of needing to be rescued from a woman by Hutch.  The interaction with "Yram" the fortune teller is pretty cute.  

I remember that the "You didn't see the arrow?"/"I didn't see the Indians" banter was part of the "scenes from next week".  

I had to wait to see what the tag was, because I didn't remember.  More making fun of Dobey's weight.  I suppose that when Starsky collects the ten dollars from Hutch, he'll turn around and buy lunch for him.