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Kill Huggy Bear

Not an episode that leaves one feeling warm and fuzzy, but it has its notable moments.   

It is really cute the way Starsky wants Hutch to try his car.  This makes it seem like Starsky's car is relatively new.  I mean, surely he would have gone through the whole, "Check out my cool car, I'll even let you drive" thing when he first got it.  So, it comes across as a little odd that, at this particular point in canon, Hutch is apparently driving Starsky's car for the first time.   

The witness to the robbery, Jenny, seems like such a sweet lady... until she asks for her dime.  The scene is reminiscent of the "I don't have a pencil" scene in the very first episode, "Savage Sunday".  It's a very long time spent on a minor problem. 

The plot is one of those puzzling inconsistencies that show up frequently:  Starsky and Hutch are investigating a mere liquor store robbery and car theft; yet, they later emphasize that they're supposed to be working homicides.  It is a bit of a human touch when Dobey admits that he would "like to beat out the gambling squad for this one", since they quickly learn that the liquor store was a front for gambling money.

It is a little scary that Huggy knows the phone number to somebody like Lou Malinda, on top of being friendly with somebody who thinks nothing of robbing a liquor store.  

It's so cute that Hutch is still driving the Torino that evening.  Then he drops the bombshell as to why he doesn't like the car:  it's red.  In truth, from what I recollect from an old interview with one of the producers, it was actually PMG who took such offense that Starsky was driving a red car.

Starsky and Hutch say that this is the first time Huggy has held out on them, but then they say the same thing in season four's "Huggy Can't Go Back".  

It's refreshing that it's the girlfriend that's two-timing.  For that matter, I like Harry Martin as a bad guy.  There's something appealing about him.  But how sad is it that Sarah actually has a pretty nice apartment -- so she can't be doing too badly -- and yet all she cares about is having a lot of money.   

It's cute the way Starsky and Hutch introduce each other to Sarah.  Hutch does the thing of writing their phone number on a tiny piece of paper, because for some reason they don't have business cards (though they did in an earlier episode).  

It is such a nice line when Starsky tells Dobey, "Hutch is cute, I'm careful."

It's the middle of the day, and Hutch brings out beers for refreshments?  This also seems to be the first time he puts people up at his place, this time Huggy.  For some reason, people in trouble never stay at Starsky's place.  The only one I can think of is Sharman Crane in "Running".   That's a hint that Starsky is more careful about who he allows into his personal life.

The little interchange with the receptionist at Lou Melinda's is pretty funny.   For that matter, the whole "baker and his bread" metaphor is well played.   However, it doesn't seem like they convinced Lou of anything.  Though they do in the tag.

Hutch is the know-it-all about fighting with a muscular person, but in this case, it's because Starsky was more-or-less asking for advice, and admitting to fear at the idea of messing with a huge guy.  (In fact, those guys are so huge that it's hard not to burst out laughing every time they're on camera.  They look like oddities, rather than healthy people.)  Of course, the joke is on Hutch.  But he says the guy he fought is "thirty pounds heavier" than him?  More like twice that, from the looks of it.

I really hate when television is so insulting to its viewers.  How is killing Starsky and Hutch supposed to help Harry Martin?  What?  He thinks that the cops aren't going to be all the more determined to figure out the case that Starsky and Hutch were working on when they were killed?  That mentality just doesn't make sense.  

Still, the cut brakes makes for a funny scene.  

While Starsky and Hutch go after Harry, Sarah could have grabbed some money and run off.  She's the type of person that would have tried to escape.  It's not like they handcuffed her before chasing after Harry.