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The Bait

DS's girlfriend at the time makes her first appearance as a guest star.

Hutch teases Starsky that, "Lookin' rich makes you nervous."  Hinting that it doesn't make Hutch nervous, which is one of many indirect suggestions that he comes from money.  It's too bad that there was never an episode where it's outright stated.  The closest is in "Las Vegas Stranger", where he was merely a "pauper" compared to how wealthy Jack Mitchell's family was.   

But Starsky says it's really the clothes that bother him.  He doesn't like the "shoes that you bought me".  As far as I'm concerned, Hutch taking it upon himself to buy Starsky shoes is parent/child.  What?  Starsky can't pick out shoes by himself?

I love that everybody gets Rafferty and O'Brien mixed up numerous times.

This episode is best for the guys' playful rebelliousness.  Must be the clothes.

For that matter, I think Starsky should go around with his shirt unbuttoned most of the time.  

Hutch references having busted one of Danner's goons "when I was still in uniform".  So, Starsky wasn't partnered with him.  Yet, as was discussed a couple of entries back, in "Pariah" it sounded like they had been in blue together, because Hutch references his and Starsky's "first assignment out of uniform".  Of course, that latter could just mean that they were promoted to detective at the same time, so it isn't necessarily a contradiction.   

I like the way Hutch tries to intimidate Connie, even though Connie is much taller than he is.  

Oh, gosh, Cheryl exclaiming, "You two really are straight!"  And Hutch saying, "Yeah, how about that."  And Starsky adding, "Well, In a kinky kind of way."  I'm pretty sure this was part of the "scenes from next week".  Even though the conversation wasn't about sexual orientation, it's hard not to wonder if it was sort of a self-conscious "they're not gay" move by the network to see that it got aired repeatedly in the advertisements.   

That's so nice, after they leave the fight with Connie, behind Huggy's, and Hutch asks, "You thinking the same thing I am?"  Starsky says, "Yes," and then names what they're both thinking:  getting Cheryl out of her place.

After they find Cheryl, Hutch says that can put her up at his place.  Once again, it's his place that is the sanctuary for those looking for help.  Last episode, it was Huggy who stayed there.  

Not really much else of interest in this episode.

In the tag, Hutch is back in his regular clothes, but Starsky is still dressed up, despite him having been the one who complained about being dressed up.  When Cheryl exclaims with amusement, "You guys!", I think she was speaking for a lot of fans.