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What's not to like?

It's so nice to see the guys perched out in an open field, albeit on stakeout, Starsky complaining about missing all the sports events, since it's Saturday, and Hutch trying to be cheerful, but also playful.  Starsky's supposed to see a lady named Nancy later.  There are indeed a lot of Nancys on this show.  

The guys blatantly disobey orders to save the receptionist, Molly, from being raped, and in this situation, hooray for them.  

This does turn out to be a rather sensitive story about rape victims and the difficulty of trying to get them to testify at trial -- and the consequences of such.  

After Molly leaves interrogation, it's a rare of moment of Hutch being the one to ask, "What do you want to do now?"  

They take Hutch's car to hunt down prior victims.  We haven't seen his car in a while, and Starsky is at his wit's end, lol.  

Then they have their little battle about "who goes first" into Linda's studio, and when Starsky loses and gets tossed to the floor after surprising Linda, and asks, "Why does this always happen to me?"  Hutch deadpans, "Well, you wanted to go first."  lol!  

It's so cute the way Starsky tries to make himself at home in Hutch's car.  That big metal wheel-thing is a bit much, though.  

Then there's the banter, when they're crossing the street, about sending the sprung Jojo a cable, only "delivering it in person".  Starsky says, "You took the words right out of my mouth."  Hutch deadpans, "So keep it shut."

When they go to pick up Jojo, Starsky is wearing a red construction hat.  Guess he must have found it in Hutch's car.  

Then they take Jojo to lunch -- "only, he's not hungry" -- at a restaurant Starsky favors.  (If Hutch drove, how did they end up at a place where Hutch has never been?)  it is such a typically great, first season banter scene.  But first, they threaten to literally pull Jojo apart, since they each want him to sit in their side of the circular booth.  It's so funny when Starsky mentions they're there "for a tete a tete", which of course is French, and Hutch says, "Your Spanish is improving."  LOL.   Hutch is no match for the overbearing waitress, Stella, and she decides she's going to get him lemon meringue pie, and milk instead of coffee because, "You look like a growing boy."  

When the Feds walk in, it makes for more good banter, especially when Hutch says, "Then later, us girls are going to go shopping."  It's a great moment when Bettin tells Jojo to leave, and Jojo slides over toward Hutch, and then toward Starsky, but neither of them will let him out, so he has to climb over the booth.

The bad guys Domabarris and Sulko look so much alike, that I get confused at times.  

Starsky and Hutch are so funny when they're driving along in Hutch's car, and Hutch guesses that Starsky is about to tell him about his Uncle Al, who has a fabulous car for him.  This validates what was said in an earlier episode -- "Snowstorm", think" -- where Starsky mentions that his Uncle Al owns a used car dealership.  When they get called to the murder of Stella, Starsky tells Dispatch that they'll be there in two minutes, and then decides, "You'd better make that three."  Hutch is offended and makes a tire-screeching turn, and Starsky laughingly scolds, "Temper, temper, temper."  

Hutch displays that temper to Bettin at the murder scene of Stella, but it's Starsky who has the calm, cool, piercing last words.  

Linda Mascelli is a very likable and sympathetic character.  She tries to do the right thing -- agree to testify against Jojo -- and ultimately she ends up being arrested for his murder.  Anyone watching has to feel for the impossible situation she's found herself in.  

It doesn't make sense that when they see Jojo dead in Linda's apartment, they assume it's the work of Dombarris and Jojo's cover is blown; yet,after they can't find an alibi for Linda, for some reason they decide it must be a relative or friend of one of the other victims.  

Merle the Earl is quite the character, lol.  And thankfully he points them back to Dombarris.  

I'm thinking that Starsky and his uncle Al must look alike, because Merle says, "I've seen you before", and Starsky says, "You know my Uncle Al."  

The climatic shootout is typically overly long and boring, save the knee pat at the very end. 

Then we're back at Merle's for the tag.  Starsky does seem to enjoy watching all of Hutch's protests about not wanting to buy the "blueberry on wheels".  Then, Hutch acts like, at the end, he might actually buy a new car.  But he doesn't.