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Murder at Sea - Part 1

The most tame and least troubling of the multi-part episodes.   The long guest cast didn't interfere with things too much.  In fact, not only did DS's girlfriend have a major part, but Elizabeth Glaser has a cameo appearance.

Hutch wants to find fault with Starsky and, as soon as they're alone on the ship, he says, "You know what one of your problems is?  You've got no romanticism about the sea."   That's after Starsky has deadpanned that the ship is in the dock, after Hutch has gone on and on about how it feels to have the "ocean spray" in your face and such.  lol.

Here's something that doesn't make sense to me.  Hutch says that he's been in love with ships and the sea "since I was old enough to read".  He declares that he was a "sea scout".  Starsky then points out that, "You were born in Duluth, Minnesota.  That's one thousand miles from any ocean."  Hutch corrects him that it was fifteen hundred miles.  Starsky asks, "Then how did you become a sea scout?"  Hutch says, "It wasn't easy."

The reason this doesn't make sense is that, while Duluth isn't an ocean port, it is a port for the largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior -- in fact, it's the largest lake in the world.  So, wouldn't that qualify as easily as the ocean?  And wouldn't that be a great place for a kid to learn about ships?  I looked up the definition of "sea", and while it mostly refers to oceans, one definition is "a relatively large landlocked body of fresh water".   So, Lake Superior would qualify.  I also looked up "sea scout" and my brief browsing didn't indicate that sea scouting specifically concerned oceans.

So, the whole conversation just doesn't make sense.  Granted though, it is a nice bit of banter.  Most importantly, we get the information that Hutch was born in Duluth, and infers that he at least spent his young childhood there.

Then we have the ridiculous attack by the security guy.  (Why would a single cop try to jump two men?  Why not draw his gun?)

In the apartment when they interview October Moss and Helen, and they're in the process of leaving, is Starsky's jeans showing a little too much in the front?  Honest, it looks likes there's some long, firm thing going off to his left.

The problem with these multi-part episodes is that they tend to move too slowly.  I start day dreaming during the scene with Huggy and the straight-jacket.

When October Moss comes home and notices the open glass door, which didn't seem right, why didn't she go into the bathroom to ask Helen if she'd left it open?

When Hutch is trying to interview Helen after the murder, he looks like he has shadow on his upper lip, like he didn't shave.  (Did I mention that I was bored already?)   Hutch asks Starsky what "the doc has to say", and Starsky replies, "He's pretty sure it's the same guy that hit Snow."  The doctor at a land apartment is the same one that would have been at the murder scene on a ship?

Hutch still has shadow in the next scene with Huggy.

The statement Starsky makes in the Commodore's office about "I'm thinking of starting a collection of handmade pottery" goes over my head.  The Commodore is delighted by it, but I'm just relieved that, after nearly being a quarter of the way over, the real action of the two-hour episode is finally starting.

I just love the whole "Hack and Zack" thing.  Hutch calls Starsky "Hack" and Starsky says, "I thought I was Zack", and Hutch reasonably says, "It depends on which side of the sign you're on."  In other words, it doesn't matter.  One and the same.  Then they start arguing like a married couple, and Hutch says, "Don't you start with me...."   And then, later, when the First Officer asks them which is which, they both point to each other and says, "He's Z/Hack."  It's so endearing.

It's sweet, too, when Hutch is trying to patiently explain to Starsky about telling time with "bells", and takes Starsky's hand to look at his watch.  Then, after the meeting with Helen/Nellie, Starsky starts to go to the right down the hall, and Hutch pulls him to the left.

You know, I think they really enjoy being "away from the world", so to speak, and being able to be with each other in different roles than usual.

They go to meet with the captain who, after the First Officer had lectured them about making sure they don' t have booze on their breaths, is drinking like an alcoholic down to his last days.  After all these years, one of the lines I always remember most from this episode is the captain detailing his passengers, and cynically referring to them as "desperately trying to have fun."  There's a lasting poignancy to that statement.

Afterward, Hutch more and less admits to being disillusioned, after dreaming of what it would be like to be a ship's captain, and now seeing how cynical both the captain and the commodore are.

It's so nice the way Starsky and Hutch gently brush against each other, as the ship sways back and forth.

The bad guys are the second ones to mention that there's over 300 people on the ship.  Isn't that an incredibly small number for a cruise ship?

There's the mother that insists that Hutch is Polish, which he's firm that he isn't.  In another episode -- I think the vigilante one -- a woman asks Starsky if his name is Polish, and he replies, "Something like that."

Wow, Hutch is awesome in black.  (Even more so than in white.)  And Starsky in those shorts has incredibly trim legs.  Considering that it's said people gain ten pounds on television, PMG must have been working really hard in the off season to trim down.

It's during the evening's entertainment that there's a brief glimpse of Elizabeth Glaser in the audience.  As for the show, there's the wonderful moment when Kitty slips between Starsky and Hutch, and Starsky asks, "You think she wants us to stand closer together?"  And then Starsky obviously slaps Hutch on the rear after turning the microphone over to him.  You know, like now that they're away where nobody has expectations of them, they can be more their real selves.

When the bad guy knocks Starsky out, how come they just leave him there?  Why knock him out if they aren't going to do anything with him, like throw him overboard?

I thought I was going to view both parts at once, but Part 2 is going to have to wait until later.


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Nov. 18th, 2012 09:10 am (UTC)
I love this two parter. It might move a little slow, but that gives you time to appreciate the eye candy provided by the guys. I love Hutch in that black jumpsuit, not many guys can pull that off, but he manages it very well. He looks so good in black.

And the pottery comment, I think, is because the Commodore says about putting them on one of his ships to Mexico. Mexicans like their hand painted pottery and is probably the main thing tourists buy as souvenirs. So, if S&H strike out, they've done the tourist trail, got the tan and the pottery--lol.
Nov. 18th, 2012 01:11 pm (UTC)
Starski is a Polish name :)
Nov. 21st, 2012 11:09 pm (UTC)
Mm, you made me want to watch this again. I know what you mean about it being really slow in spots, though. Sometimes I think it's just me with my 21st century jaded TV brain; glad to hear it's not!!
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