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Murder at Sea - Part 2

This part can be summed up as 1) long scene with bad guys, 2) long sequence of looking for bombs, and 3) long sequence of dune buggy stuff.

Nice grab in the stairwell when Starsky realizes bad guys are in the hall.  A nice excuse to stand really close together.

The revelation that Helen is really a reporter for a Phoenix newspaper doesn't explain why she spoke so coldly of October Moss's death in Part 1.

Starsky and Hutch bunk in Helen's stateroom for safety.  Now, I'd like to know how they determined that Starsky got the extra bed first, and Hutch got the uncomfortable chair, perhaps to be a groggy "watch".  Normally, I would expect Hutch to have taken the bed, just by throwing his lanky body onto it first, and delighting in Starsky's look of "pour pitiful me".  Since that didn't happen, I'm guessing they tossed a coin.  Coin tosses between them are rarely legit, though.  Usually, the one that grabs the coin first, or otherwise has access to how it landed, declares the outcome to be whatever he chooses it to be.  So, in that case, Starsky would have had to call heads, say, and then declared the outcome as heads before Hutch had a chance to see it.

Or, maybe, Starsky whined that his head hurt from being knocked out, and Hutch's compassion took hold.

At least they traded places at some point.  That's such a sweet thought.  And then we get to see Starsky waking Hutch up, and handing him his boots.

Starsky and Hutch are worried about their safety, and they walk around on the empty deck, out in the open?

It's such a stunning scene when Starsky is walking on the railing, using Hutch as support, so he can see into the bad guy's stateroom from the window.

Then we have the long scene with the bad guys and the bombs.  At least the Picerni stunt brothers are decent actors.

When Starsky finally prompts Hutch to get in the corner with him and Helen, I had always thought he said, "At times like this, it's comforting to know you have a partner with a face."  Which made no sense.  Now, with the DVDs, it sound like he says "partner that feigns" -- ie, was talking mumbo jumbo to the bad guys about all the things you have to worry about with a bomb, to prompt their freedom.  But according to the transcript, it's "a partner that bathes".  That makes sense for them being in such tight quarters.  Yet, there's really nothing unusual about Starsky and Hutch being in tight quarters together.  I'm sure they're long accustomed to how each other smells.

When the First Officer appears with a rifle, they're darned fortunate that the bad guys didn't try to act like it was Starsky and Hutch that were the bad guys, and they themselves were the good guys.  A lost opportunity on the bad guys' part.

It's so funny when Starsky and Hutch start to rush out to find the bombs, and Helen calls after them, "What can I do?"  Hutch grumbles, "I don't know."  LOL.

Then the great moment when they're about to separate at the end of the hall, to find the bombs, and in lieu of any time for possible last words, they merely point at each other and say, "See you around."  Ahhh.

Run, run.  Jump, jump.  Down, down.  Up,  up.  Swing.  Down some more.

How come there's nobody working in the lower decks of the ship?

When they meet up again, their dialogue is like an old married couple, lol.

It think it was twenty minutes ago that Hutch said they have four minutes left.

It's such a poignant moment when they're hauling up the bombs, while leaning their foreheads together.  And then, of course, after finally throwing the bombs overboard, the way they lean on each other's arms.

Then we have the dune buggy thing.  Hutch claimed that he was "raised in one of these".  Starsky later asks just exactly what Hutch did in Duluth, and Hutch replies that it depended "on the day of the week".  So, that validates that Hutch presumably lived in Duluth long enough to learn how to drive.

The tag doesn't do anything for me.

It's no wonder I hardly have any desire to watch this episode, with how little happens over long period of time.  Still, it has little moments of surprising poignancy.


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Nov. 19th, 2012 02:13 am (UTC)
I would expect Hutch to have taken the bed, just by throwing his lanky body onto it first, and delighting in Starsky's look of "pour pitiful me"
I don't think that Hutch is always selfish!

I like this double feature, because it is fun and the guys look great and they are always happy when they get to play. And they are so together in this episode. I think I must be shallow, because I don't have to have depth and stuff, I can just sit back and enjoy them.

I love to read these reviews. Keep them coming.
Nov. 19th, 2012 07:53 am (UTC)
I'm with Nancy. I must be shallow, too. I like the fun, the sexy looks the guys had going on and the fact that they are so together. I love Hutch with his hair all slightly ruffled, the buttoned down shirt and, of course, his hands tied for a while!

I agree with you about the tag. I've just had to rewatch it to even remember what the tag was all about.

I love your reviews. There always something that I've missed or forgotten. Makes the old grey matter work a little.
Nov. 21st, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
It seems like an ep to rewatch for certain scenes and fast-forward through the rest.
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