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Starsky's Lady

How ironic that the next episode in line is one about a senseless shooting.  

How sweet is it that the first words of the episode are Starsky saying protectively of Hutch, "It seems like the only time he ever gets to relax."  Then he relents, "Me, too, for that matter."   He then refers to Hutch as "that big blond blintz".  It's a nice bit of continuity from "The Setup".

I like it that Terry isn't impressed by all of Starsky's grandstanding about how important their jobs are.  

I do admit that the first time I saw this, it grated that Terry referred to Starsky as "her best friend", since it seemed a slight against Hutch.  But, Starsky didn't reciprocate (though he sort of does in a later scene, inferring that they're "best friends"), and plus I think he and Hutch are on an intimacy level that defies the normal relationship descriptions.  Anyway, it doesn't bother me now.  

I love how, after the shooting in the grocery, the way Hutch quietly squeezes Starsky's shoulder as he's hovering over Terry. And when Hutch approaches in the hospital, Starsky's enthusiastic, "Hi", like he's so, so glad that Hutch is there.  

And it's no wonder.  Hutch is so wonderfully supportive in this episode.  On the surface, it's a Starsky episode -- certainly, a Starsky love story -- and yet, it probably reveals more about Hutch's character than it does about Starsky's.  I mean, we really don't learn much about Starsky, though we do see that he can be so supportive of someone that he knows he's going to lose, as well as continuing to try to be as optimistic as possible.  He's Terry's strength, and Hutch is his strength.

I love Dr. Quo.  She's so quietly straightforward.

I realize that the episode didn't need the scene, but I wish we would have been shown when Starsky told Hutch.  Certainly, when he walks away from Dr. Quo, and is desperately trying to hang on to his emotions, he really, really needs Hutch right then.  

We do get the scene of Hutch driving Starsky away from the hospital.  Hutch says they're going to his place to get some sleep -- love that he's going to keep Starsky with him -- and Starsky initially protests.  But then it doesn't take much for him to relent.  

Of course, they go to Hutch's place, only to find Huggy there, nursing a bruise.  Interesting that he showed up at Hutch's apartment, though it was Starsky's girl that was shot, as though he knew Hutch would bring Starsky to his own apartment, rather than taking them both to Starsky's place.  Wonder if that means that Starsky's place is farther away from town.  

In the hospital, when he picks Terry up, Starsky brings roses and asks her to marry him.  It's puzzling the way that gets totally dropped.  Obviously, Terry didn't want to (certainly, marriage wouldn't have improved anything for either of them), but it a noticeable omission that his proposal is never mentioned again.  

When they're all three in the Torino, Hutch tells Terry that, three years ago, Starsky busted Gary Prudholm, which led to his death in prison.  This suggests that Starsky was acting alone.  Yet, in "Pariah", when they first suspect it's George Prudholm, Hutch refers to "our first assignment out of uniform", which was two years prior.  That makes the three years accurate, but I'm drawing a blank as to why Prudholm only has a beef with Starsky.  I checked "Pariah" and it sounded like Starsky and Hutch were both working the undercover job at the junior high where Gary Prudholm got busted.   In neither episode does it make sense that Starsky is the only one that Prudholm has a beef with.  I mean, maybe it was Starsky who actually put the cuffs on Gary, but Hutch would have been just as involved, it seems.  

Terry says that Starsky has mentioned Prudholm to her before.  That does suggest a very serious relationship.  Starsky isn't one to reveal much of his personal life to just anybody.  He's very careful about who he lets into his inner circle.  

Terry is so likable because she doesn't detract from Starsky and Hutch's relationship.  The way she's practically sitting in Hutch's lap in the Torino, indicates that she's fully okay with her boyfriend having such a tight friendship with another man.  I can't think of any other woman who was that way with both guys. 

At Terry's place, when she reminds Starsky that they have a lunch and game date that night with Hutch and Christine, she says she wants Starsky to pick her up early.  Starsky sounds a touch seductive when he asks, "What did you have in mind?"  Now, at the risk of being crude, I'd have to think that sex would be off limits, considering the bullet in her brain.  I mean, how terrible would that be, for them to be having wild sex, and the activity causes the bullet to move and kill her right in the middle of lovemaking?  

There's the wonderful scene in the Torino where Starsky wants to believe that the doctors could be wrong about Terry, and then he gets angry as he wonders how she can be walking and talking like normal.  Hutch just keeps squeezing Starsky's shoulder -- ahhh -- and doesn't try to tell him how to think.  

Interesting that when they visit the snitch Freddie, who tells them where Prudholm is, that Starsky nods at Hutch to pay Freddie.  Usually, Hutch doesn't wait for Starsky to tell him what to do.  

Prudholm's attempt to kill Hutch with the rigged apartment building is rather blase.  Surely, if he really wanted to see Starsky suffer by killing everyone he cared about, he would have had a more special, tortuous plan in mind for Hutch's demise.  In fact, that could be an interesting AU story plot....

It's weird that Starsky has been running around all day in his tie, from when he proposed to Terry that morning.  

Poor Christine.  She's the not-even-blonde airhead that makes the faux pas during the Monopoly game, by forgetting that Terry might not be around in the near future.  Otherwise, it's a nice scene.

The miniature golf scene is really nice, especially since Starsky and Hutch's attention is focused solely on each other.  Now, what is it that the girls are there for?

Starsky jokes that, before the day of amusement is over, he's going to own Hutch's house.  I'm not aware that Hutch has a house.  I guess he owns the apartment in Venice Place though -- ie, it's actually a condo, since in the tag of fourth season "Ballad for a Blue Lady", he talks about taking out a home improvement loan.  

When Starsky gets the message regarding the neurosurgeon in New York, we get another moment of Hutch being quietly supportive, in the hall of the police station.

Gosh, after Terry died, I hope it didn't take long for Starsky and Hutch to be reunited.  Starsky really needed somebody to hold him right then.  

When Hutch goes to get Starsky to tell him that Prudholm has hostages, I like his quiet way of prompting Starsky to come with him.  

Then when Hutch gets on the motorcycle first, and Starsky protests that "This is mine", Hutch has one of the great lines in the series when he looks Starsky right in the eye and says, "This is ours, partner."  Swoon!  And Starsky relents, just like that.  

The tag is pure love.  Enough said.  


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Dec. 16th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
It's one of my favorite episodes - one of the first episodes I have ever watched :)
Every time I watch it, I notice something new.
Dec. 16th, 2012 06:07 pm (UTC)
It's alway interseting to read your comments about an episode, Charlotte, makes me see something new every time.Someone once told me there was supposed to be a scene (maybe even a filmed but not used one) where Starsky comes out of Terry's hospital room after she died and there's Hutch and Starsky just looks at him and Hutch knows and just takes him into his arms. I don't know if that's true but that's certainly what I would have wanted to see and I'm sure Huct would have been just as supportive as Starsky was after Gillian's death. And the tag to Starsky's lady is probably the best of the whole series! I 've seen it quite a lot of time but every time I still can't believe that these two expressed their feelings for each other so openly on tv for anyone to see and I love them to bits for doing it!
Aug. 30th, 2018 01:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing your views about the episode.The Tag of the episode is one of the endearing ones of the show.Terry addressing Starsky as 'her best friend' is seen as odd by some in fanzines. From what has been shown in the show it is actually Starsky who calls Hutch his 'best friend' but Hutch is never shown to return the sentiment and refer to him as such.Instead it is Jack whom Hutch calls his 'best friend'. So I think,it seems fair that there is someone(Terry)who holds Starsky to such entitlement.
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