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The Trap

I keep thinking that this episode is titled "The Barn".  

Starsky and Hutch in the jewelry store.  I don't know how the owner or manager, or whoever he is, expects to keep customers when he's so anal about everything.  

Hutch is dressed in black, and Starsky is in rare form, trying to put Hutch in his place by being the supposed smart one about how to manage something as sophisticated as a highly expensive watch.  I love Hutch's practicality when Starsky mentions getting a new watch, and Hutch asks, "What's wrong with the old one?" 

The best moment, of course, is when Hutch is standing behind Starsky, way closer than necessary, to see the watch as Starsky holds up his wrist.  I mean, geez, the guys are practically necking!  And as Starsky is babbling about all the attributes regarding his new toy, Hutch asks simply, "What time is it?"  Starsky obviously doesn't know, lol.  

Starsky gets unusually snappy with Hutch, when Hutch nudges him about Joey having entered the store, and Starsky yells, "What do you want?"  He's generally much more patient with Hutch.  

When they go visit Huggy, after his place is busted up, both the guys seem to have a notable lack of compassion about what Huggy has been through, especially considering Huggy's pain is for reasons of knowing them.  I mean, Hutch says he's sorry that Huggy and his placed got roughed up, but he doesn't sound very sorry.  He and Starsky are somewhat cocky and in their own world.  

I don't know much about filming for TV, but aren't they doing the "blue screen" thing during the scenes when they're driving in the Torino?  Usually, they're actually driving around the streets.  But after they leave Huggy's, most all the scenes of them driving around looks like the actors just sitting in a car, with a phony background behind them.

The whole idea of the bad guys messing with the Torino's radio that quickly, and being effective enough to fool Starsky and Hutch, is quite a stretch of the imagination.  

When they're driving around, waiting for it to be five o' clock, Hutch asks Starsky if he's hungry.  It's rather shocking that Starsky says that he isn't.  When has he ever not been hungry?   

When they pick up Joey, and she smiles at Starsky and touches his face, it's so funny when Hutch tries to do likewise, and Starsky aggressively bats his hand away.  That's about the only time there's a protest when one wants to violate the other's personal space.  

Mrs. Carston is quite a piece of work.  As she leaves the house, she mentions going to an "est seminar".  Those were pretty common back then.  I remember reading an article on est in a Playgirl magazine.  It was the self-improvement/success fad of the time.  

When Starsky's alarm goes off while they're waiting in the Torino, and Hutch recovers from being startled, I love the look Hutch gives Starsky.  He's not happy!  I always imagine that's the same look he gives Starsky whenever Starsky farts in the car.  

The episode is almost halfway over before they get to the main drama of being trapped in the barn.  Of course, Joey is with them, which is puzzling, because she doesn't serve any purpose.  I mean, it's not like she ends up getting them help, or anything like that.  

Of course, the big blunder in an episode full of contrived situations, is that when the bad guys first start shooting at the Torino, you have to wonder why Starsky just didn't exit the farm premises, rather than seek cover in the ratty old barn.  I mean, three guys against two experienced cops isn't exactly overwhelming odds for the Torino to overcome.  Once they leave the Torino, they're pretty helpless.  

The other really weird factor about the barn is that it's so fragile-looking.  Just how trapped are they?  And how come they can't escape through a loose board the same way that Joey did?   Seems like it wouldn't have taken much to pull some boards away, and create some sort of diversion while they escape.

When we come back from the commercial break, the Torino is nicely parked at one side.  Not at the front of the barn where they left it, lol.  

Once one gets past one's intelligence being insulted in multiple ways, Starsky and Hutch being holed up together is fun to watch and listen to.  Plus, we get the added bonus of them crawling around in the hay and dirt together.  

When Starsky is shot, he cries out loudly, "I'm hit!"  He's not the least bit shy about admitting he's in pain to Hutch, contrary to a lot of fanfic.  

I love when Hutch gives first aid to Starsky, starting with him feeling around Starsky's clothing to find his pocketknife.  Starsky mentions that he had an Uncle Myron who was killed in the Battle of the Bulge.   He later mentions an Uncle Alphonse that was killed "when his Model T backfired" and he was hit in the head with a crank, lol.  If this stuff is somewhat true, Starsky's family sure lost a lot of male members early on.  

It is a really sweet moment when Starsky gives Hutch his watch.  Though it shows that he doesn't have much hope that they're going to get out of there alive. 

Once they escape the burning barn in the tractor, there really isn't much else to say.  They get the bad guys, followed by a silly tag.  End of story.  


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Dec. 22nd, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
I hate the use of the blue screen in this one! It is so poorly done it screams fake! And I wonder why they felt the need for it....
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