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Satan's Witches

A thoroughly silly episode that has great moments, and is tremendous fun to watch.  

Dobey must be making pretty good pay to own a cabin.  He doesn't seem like a "woodsy" type of guy to me, but maybe the family talked him into it.  

Of course, Starsky isn't a "woodsy" guy at all either, lol.  His fear comes across as legit, considering his urban background.  (Plus, I see this as more fodder for the belief that he was never in combat in the jungles of Vietnam.)  It is pretty funny that he exaggerates his fear with the possibility of being "bit by a horse, or a cow".  lol!  

I'm not sure why Hutch is so excited about "the lake".  It looks like a dirty, gross little pond to me.  

And then Starsky grumbling all of Hutch's words right before Hutch says them.  We're barely five minutes in, and this already hilarious.

Starsky is so predictable.  Hutch mentions going into town for food, and Starsky perks right up.  

The background music that plays whenever there is a bad guy is a bit much.  

The "spider" Hutch crawls up Starsky's back is just too adorable.  He got just the exaggerated reaction he was expecting.  

Of course, they find the "friendly" townspeople not quite so friendly.  I love Starsky at the gas pump, when he says, "I get off on hostility."  ooh!  (I'm sure the 40 and under crowd probably wonders why Starsky would expect the station owners to fill up his car.  See, prior to the 80s, there was something called "service" at a service station.  You sat in your car, and the employee would fill it up and clean the windshields, check the oil....)

And then Starsky firmly tells the sheriff, "I ain't your boy."  ooh!

But Starsky is, of course, very much Hutch's boy.  In fact, the next scene at the cabin is one of the gems of the whole series, and is very parent/child.  Starsky is whining and complaining, and Hutch is giving him that "tone" that talks way down to him, like a parent oh-so-patiently explaining the ways of the world (ur, woods).  First, though, there's that oh-so-motherly "Did you hurt yourself?" from Hutch, when Starsky hits his head on the fireplace.  

Of course, Hutch's attire, with the makeshift apron, is rather motherly, too, lol.  And, boy, does he know how to play Starsky like a violin when the electricity goes out.   Starsky's building panic to a state of near-hysteria is so cute.  

Then, after he gets the lights back on, Starsky says, so sincerely, "I happen to be a virgin in these woods."  And Hutch responds with a condescending, "Ohhh."  

I love how Starsky is still so animated, and reeeaches around Hutch to place the ketchup bottle back on the counter.  He's babbling and complaining and, of course, Hutch has a reasonable explanation for everything.  I just love when Starsky pouts, "I don't think you want me for a friend anymore."  He's so cute when he's agitated.  

Hutch, though, suddenly doesn't have an explanation for the weird noises outside.  But that doesn't stop him from continuing to toy with Starsky as much as he can.  

The next morning, Hutch pushing Starsky off the sofa is a great "I love you" moment.  

I can understand Hutch wanting to figure out what's going on across the pond, but he later leaves with a threatening, "I'm leaving, but I'll be back."  Why?  He hasn't identified himself as a cop, and even if he had, he surely has no authority there.  I wouldn't think a little blood on a leaf would be something he needs to concern himself with.  Maybe he just needed to make a bold statement for the sake of his own male ego.  

Starsky emerging from the cabin, in full stretch, in his bright red long johns.  Oh, my gosh.  

Then "the clutch".  It is one of the greatest "blink and you'll miss it" grabs in the whole series.  There's no question where Starsky's source of security is, lol.  

And then the self-conscious "despite how this looks, we're not gay" handshake when the girls arrive.  Too funny.

Starsky looks down at himself and runs inside the cabin.  Does he really think that those long johns show more than his super tight jeans always do?

In any event, he emerges with an overly-chaste shirt wrapped around his waist.

The way those two fumble in their speech with the girls, and after they leave... you'd think they'd never been around women before.  In fact, I'd be willing to guess that, at this point, they each haven't been laid in quite a while (though "A Body Worth Guarding" was just a couple of episodes back).

The rattlesnake thing is a bit much.  It might have worked better if it hadn't gone on so long.  

Those poor guys.  After coming into town, they get placed under arrest, and locked in a little cell without a toilet.    You know Starsky is gonna have to pee.

Of course, the whole climatic sequence is pretty ridiculous, but it's still fun to watch.

In the tag, Hutch again proves that he'll go to just about any lengths to get what he wants.  He wants to leave, and you darn well that he somehow arranged the animal sounds that could possibly be a grizzly. 


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Jan. 3rd, 2013 01:31 am (UTC)
Your review made me want to watch this story again, and I did! It was a lot of fun. I'd forgotten some of it from near the beginning! I liked your thoughts about the occasional (and especially in this episode) parent and child dynamic. It's very interesting to think about. :)

I'll write you an email too if I remember to!! Thanks for your great review.
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