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This one has more going on than the prior two I've talked about, but it stills leaves an air of frustration that all the "let's do something different" stuff is at the expense of Starsky and Hutch screen time.

We're nearly six minutes into it before Starsky and Hutch even make an appearance.  

Hutch mentions that there's "forty cops" on the way, to start going door to door.  That sounds like a lot, even for a big city.

Interesting that Hutch gets testy about the fact that they're hunting down a "wounded felon".  I believe they've done that before without feeling so dramatic about it.  Starsky says that he "feels the same way" but, keeping the balance in the partnership, he's ultra calm.

Chickie seems weird to me, in that he doesn't act like a regular person, even considering that he's a juvenile.  Maybe it's the actor.  He played a different character in "The Groupie" when he spoke to Hutch at Huggy's, when Hutch was trying to be undercover, like they were friends or something.  I thought it very strange then that Hutch would have some kind of connection to young guy like that.  

So, Hutch and Laura.  What's the story there?  Obviously, they've had some kind of relationship, because when she gets tired of his vagueness as to why he's in the neighborhood, she complains, "Same old Hutch."  He jabs right back with "Same old Laura".  She does seem like a really odd choice of girlfriends for him, however long ago.  She doesn't have that outwardly warm persona that normally attracts him.  Even the later Kira had a softness about her.  But then, Vanessa wasn't outwardly warm either.  I think that says something.  

Hannah later tells Hector of Laura, "Every man she meets ends up playing cards with me in the kitchen."  Obviously, they find Hannah to be a much more comfortable personality to spend time with.

Anyway, seeing Laura again, and then when she rides off on her bicycle, makes Hutch yell at Starsky, "Book him!" with regard to the not-so-forthcoming Chickie.  Hutch was already wound up before talking to Laura.  This sort of feels like "The Monster" when Hutch was so antagonistic toward Artie Solkin, for reasons beyond what we saw in the episode, but we don't ever know what those reasons are.  

We find out that Laura's brother was a cop, so maybe that's how she met Hutch. 

Hutch going undercover as a paramedic has created a lot of speculation that, before he became a cop, he was studying pre-med in college, and/or is father was a doctor.  Nothing is ever stated in canon.  Hutch could know some basic things, because perhaps the real paramedics gave him a crash course while he was dressing for the part.  Plus, he's had quite a bit of experience with applying first aid to Starsky.  What I find to be the most frustrating part of this episode is that, when Hutch is actually working on Hector, we pretty much just see him from the shoulders up, so we have no idea what he's actually doing.  And Hector is out of it just enough that he doesn't necessarily know what Hutch is doing.  So, I feel it's equally plausible to say that Hutch was faking it.  

It's pretty clever of Hector to ask Laura what color her "brother's" eyes are.  But Laura matches him in cleverness and gives a drawn out, confusing answer.  

Of course, Hannah pretty much steals the whole second half of the episode, with her quiet and patient conversation.

The thought that is prevalent in my mind while Hutch is applying first aid, is that it seems like he could have over-powered the fevered Hector pretty easily and taken the knife from him.  (After all, we're talking three against one bad guy with a rather small knife.)   I'm thinking that's why there was so much emphasis, early on, about him being a wounded animal, so that Hutch would feel it was too dangerous to do so. 

It is a nice moment when Hutch has to decide whether or not give up his gun, and he looks back and sees that Starsky is there.   And even nicer, when he starts counting in a distinct voice, so Starsky knows it's time to make a move.

Still, once this episode has been viewed, and one knows how it's going to turn out, I find it hard to sit through the second half of it.  Too little of Starsky and Hutch.  

The tag is a breath of fresh air.  It's cute that Starsky is playing cards with Hannah.  Hutch looks too big and gangly to be sitting on kitchen counters at his age, lol.  Hutch says that Laura "didn't want to get serious" because he was a cop.  I think there was a lot more to it, considering them snapping at each other earlier.  Anyway, she, at least, knows that he's full of bull.  



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Jan. 7th, 2013 01:13 am (UTC)
I have always liked this episode. I think if you like Hutch you will like it more and that a Hutchlover can use her imagination and think he is really working on Hector and that he didn't want anything to happen to the women so he waited until he knew Starsky was there to take him down.And Hutch look amazing in this episode, Paul makes sure of it. Also the reason Hutch is testy about a wounded felon loose is because he is loose in "his" neighborhood around people he knows and cares about. He takes it more personal. I have always felt that Chickie is a neighborhood hoodlum that Hutch has dealt with before. He reminds me of my sons hoodlum friends that can be so nice to me when they are high or want something, but will lie, steal, whatever when they don't get what they want or they are up to something. So when Hutch sees Chickie trying to play Starsky he gets that tone that I'm sure Chickie has heard before and knows that Hutch means business.
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