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If I were to bother ranking episodes by how much I've enjoyed them, I'm afraid that this one would hit the very bottom.  Perhaps it has partly to do with my complete lack of interest in clubs, and having never seen, nor had any desire to see, "Saturday Night Fever".  (Is that what the John Travolta movie is called?)

Though the opening scene is kind of cute.  I'm not sure, though, why Starsky thinks he needs help in "mastering" his life.  Perhaps with mastering his pragmatic partner but, otherwise, I think Starsky has his life admirably well in hand.  

Oh great.  The bad guy is a mamma's boy.  

How come Hutch is working, while all Starsky is doing is reading out loud while trying to maintain Hutch's attention?  

Geez, Starsky is reading about being ""intense, with an unblinking gaze"?  He obviously isn't aware of how he looked back in "Survival" and "The Plague".  The boy doesn't need any lessons, when the cause is just.  

In the 80s, Eddie Murphy had a standup comedy routine, where he wondered why white people can't dance.  He asked, "Do you white people even hear the music?"  He then bent his knees and swayed slightly, imitating a white person dancing.  That's all I can think about when I watch the "dancing" scenes in this, where the white people barely move. 

Okay, we've been six or seven minutes watching white people dancing badly, while the one black guy on the dance floor actually has some energy.  No Starsky or Hutch.

Oh, good, now we're back at the police station at night.   But wait, it's just Hutch with the coroner for a few lines.  Oh, we find out two scenes later that it's not the coroner, but some cop from the missing persons department, apparently. 

Now we're at the bad guy's house.  Where he has his own dance floor.  At least, he dances pretty good when he's alone.  Then, later, he gets really animated when he tries to make his poor, hapless victim dance with him.

Finally, now that the episode is a third of the way over, Starsky and Hutch participate at the dance club.  Like a white guy, Starsky is barely moving to the music, and so Hutch says, "Starsky, if you're going to jerk around like that, why don't you do it in a dark corner?" lol.  Though I don't know that what Starsky is doing is intense enough to qualify as "jerking".  Now, if his left hand was involved, that would be something else altogether.  

Of course, after Starsky does all the talk about making his move on the girl, who turns out to be detective Lizzie Thorpe, Hutch moves swiftly and quietly to leave Starsky with the bar tab, and invite Lizzie to dance.

I do like how Starsky is decent toward Judith, the short, slightly chubby girl.  Hutch is a lot more awkward. 

Speaking of awkward, I know DS had back surgery during the off season but, geez, couldn't they have written something into the storyline, so he wouldn't have to "dance" and look so silly?  But then, Lizzie Thorpe "dances" with slow, jerky movements, too.  

Starsky looks halfway decent on the dance floor, but I think it's mostly because of "red shorts" moving so much faster and bumping into him.  He just pretty much has to stand there.

I'm guessing that the script was maybe five pages long (as opposed to the usual 60, I think I heard for a "Star Trek" episode).  There's hardly any dialogue.  

It is kind of cute when Hutch moves away from Judith, and then his hip sort of brushes the rear of a woman as he moves past, and she looks at him as he's walking away.

The great irony of this episode is that the one really great line is for some reason not in the DVDs.  At one point, Starsky and Hutch are sitting together and ask Judith what she knows about the bad guy, and she replies, "If you fellas are so interested in guys, you're in the wrong club." LOL!  And Starsky and Hutch just sort of look at each other.  (Actually, the look they give each other is in the DVD, right after the winner of the dance contest is announced.)

Geez, we're 2/3 into this, and something finally happens -- relatively speaking.  

If the "Sharon" bracelet was on the first dead girl's ankle, then how come the bad guy was carrying it in his jacket, for Marty to pickpocket?  There's more than one bracelet?

Oh, God.  More dancing, now in the bad guy's house with Lizzie.  

The guys are so married when they're in the Torino, going to the bad guy's house, and Hutch yells, "You just passed it!" Starsky calmly stops and backs up, muttering, "I'm as worried about her as you are."  Hutch has the grace to say, "Sorry."  

In the tag, Hutch says, "I'm so sick of disco, I could scream."  I've been mentally screaming for the past 45 minutes.  

The tag is cute though.  In fact, the guys both show more rhythm and movement, dancing with Dobey, then they did in any of the disco scenes.  

Thank goodness, this badly made episode is over with.  It's nice to know I've got a lot more enjoyable and/or interesting ones to look forward to..  


Jan. 16th, 2013 01:57 pm (UTC)
There's a website with missing scenes from the DVD, so you perhaps saw it there?


Jan. 19th, 2013 06:49 am (UTC)
Thank you for this link!!!!!! It used to drive me nuts when these wouldn't load for me. Perhaps they will now with the fast connection. :D