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I like happy endings, but I always find myself pondering, "What if Emily hadn't gotten her sight back?"

We first see the guys reminiscing about Sunday.  Or, rather, Starsky is.  He's indirectly complaining about working, and Hutch is content to let him chatter.  I do love it when Starsky asks, "Do you know about Sundays?"  And Hutch's ultra simple answer is, "Well, I know it's Sunday."  That strikes me as such a funny reply.

It's fourth season and the guys are still answering a "silent alarm" call.  I can't remember which episode it is that they emphasize that they're homicide detectives.  We sure see them doing a lot of stuff that isn't homicide -- or, at least, doesn't start out that way.  

It turns out later that Don is Emily's boyfriend, so, in retrospect, it seems rather harsh that he so forcefully pushes her out of the way, when he's running from Starsky.  That's what sets up her getting shot.

I love the scene in the hospital waiting room.  Many years ago, I saw a songvid that really showed just how much the guys emote with their eyes.  Turn the sound down and watch that scene, and it's really amazing.  I love how Hutch is trying to be calm and practical, while Starsky is (understandably) quietly impossible to comfort.

He's even harder to comfort in the squad room (when he's come back after mysteriously being home for two hours).  Of course, this is the kind of scene that marks the fourth season.  Hutch is aggravated while questioning Don, because he knows Starsky is hurting, and then he tries to be distracted with work.  In the earlier seasons, he would have gone more the pet-and-cuddle route, if just emotionally rather than physically, but here he's perplexed about what to do, and it's Starsky who has to lean over the table and drive home the point about how hard it was to get around while blindfolded.  Hutch seems to want to distance himself, by remaining seated at his desk and working.  As though he's thinking, "If I don't deal with this, or him, maybe it'll all just go away."

Of course, Starsky goes into a big pout fest.  Not that I can blame him for feeling sincerely guilty and finding it hard to pretend everything is fine; but it's difficult to forgive him for blowing Hutch off, even if one wants to argue that Hutch more or less blew him off first, by wanting to lecture, rather than wanting to soothe.

Starsky won't answer the phone when he knows Hutch is calling.  

Then, later, we have the tell-tale scene of Hutch dropping by to give Starsky a pep talk about being a cop, first and foremost.  Hutch did almost the exact same thing in third season Rosey Malone.  Then, Starsky was willing to be talked out of his funk.  But this time, Hutch's words have no effect.  Starsky seems to be determined to be contrary, even when Hutch throws in a flustered, "I love you."  And yet, again, it's sort of difficult to expect Starsky to just go, "Oh, okay, I feel better now, even though Emily Harrison is still blind because I shot her."

It's hard not to wish that Hutch would have taken a different approach and, rather than lecturing Starsky about how to think, gone the more selfish route and mentioned how badly he wants and needs Starsky back whole.

If Starsky refuses to let Hutch make him feel better, at least he does make an attempt to make himself feel better, by trying to brighten up Emily's life.  He's does a pretty good job, though surely he knows she's going to find out eventually.  In some ways, his scenes of firmly trying to get her to keep sculpting, reminds me of "Running", when he wanted to "fix" Sharman Crane, so she would be what he expected her to be (whether she wanted to or not).  Here, he's demanding that Emily behave a certain way, so he feels better

I like that Sharon doesn't tell Emily who Starsky really is.

The fence, Pinky, tells Don, "That cop Hutchinson is crazy.  I've never seen him like this."  Pinky doesn't get around much, does he?  Hutch was pretty tame when he first confronts him about the stolen jewels.

Of course, it's later that we get the great scene of Hutch sitting under the bar, and grabbing Pinky by the tie, and telling him oh-so-calmly what his choices are.

There's a lot of feeling in fandom that Hutch was burned out in the fourth season.  He actually seems to enjoy himself quite a bit in this episode, playing cop, even without Starsky at his side.  

We see Starsky in the bathroom with his shirt off.  He doesn't look like he has any muscle mass, compared to, say, when we see him fall to the floor in his pajamas in "A Coffin for Starsky".

The one real energized scene is when Starsky and Hutch pull their guns on each other in Emily's apartment.  Starsky is still being stubborn about hearing anything Hutch has to say about Emily's involvement in the heist, but Hutch prevails.  

Of course, the climax with Emily getting her sight back, and being able to see so well in the dark parking garage, is bit overly corny, but at least it makes everything okay.

I know some detest the tag, with Starsky pulling a Hutch, in a manner of speaking, and meanly sending Hutch tumbling down the stairs.  But the overall scene is so nice -- it's so rare that we see them both alone in one or the other's apartment -- that I don't really mind.  And it is cute when Hutch decides to go to the "little boy's room" and Starsky quips, "Don't forget to take off the blindfold."

Still, even with that upbeat ending, I nevertheless find myself wondering what was going to happen with Starsky and Hutch, had everything not turned out so conveniently hunky dory with Emily.

ETA:  I just got to thinking again about the scene where they pull their guns on each other.  Early on, Starsky had made a deliberate decision to not take his holster with him, and reaches for his camera instead.  But we don't see him make the decision, toward the end, to bring his gun with him to Emily's apartment, when there's no reason why he'd think he'd need his gun.


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Jan. 25th, 2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
I have always had trouble understanding why Starsky disconnects with Hutch in this ep. They are so supportive of each other always. Why wouldn't Starsky want Hutch's support all of a sudden? I find myself comparing both guys in this to both in Pariah and it is one of the reasons 4th season sometimes falls short with me. It just doesn't feel like the guys I know. You are right Charlotte, Hutch normally would have coddled not lectured but normally Starsky would have listened anyway.
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