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Overall, a rather innocuous episode, especially with the over-abundance of bad-guy scenes, but it has one of the greatest non-angst sequences ever.

Oh, wow.  I just realized that the soundtrack is the same one used for the blooper reel.

We first see Starsky and Hutch outside a fast food place, and Starsky is practicing Latin disco moves, much to Hutch's puzzlement, and most viewers' delight.  (It really doesn't do much for me.)  They get called in on a 211.  (I'm really starting to think that whenever it was that they stressed that they were homicide detectives, it only applied to that one episode.)

In Dobey's office, after the two arrested guys die, they're introduced to Treasury Agent Kendall.  It's so refreshing that Starsky and Hutch don't go into automatic "rebel against authority figures" mode, which is so prevalent is so many other episodes.

As they arrive at the tavern, Starsky informs Hutch that the dance contest thing came about because he and his girl had had a bit too much to drink.

Interesting that when Starsky's driving, with all the Torino's kick-up of dusk, offends the big guy, Hutch doesn't show any inclination to help Starsky out, and seems content to let Starsky fight his own battle, even against such a big guy.  But Starsky's humor gets him past the moment.

The fun starts when the big guy good-naturedly throws Hutch inside the tavern, causing Hutch to land face-down on the pool table.  Slash fans might be inclined to think that Hutch is "assuming the position", especially with Starsky momentarily hovering at his side.

A drunk Starsky is so adorable.  That's great choreography when he slowly reaches to place his arm around Hutch, and falls off his stool instead.  It's such a wonderful visual of Hutch lifting him back onto his seat, and then needing to press himself against Starsky's backside, in order to keep him upright.  He then spends some time getting Starsky's butt secure in the seat, causing Starsky to ask, "What's goin' on back there?" LOL!  And he doesn't seem the least bit threatened or concerned -- like Hutch handling his rear is an everyday thing.  In fact, Hutch handling him makes him giggle.

Then Starsky is so silly with trying to interject questions to the bar tender, and snuggled against Hutch for support.  It's so cute!

And then we have the wonderful "gift to fans" scene, because it serves absolutely no purpose to the plot.  Starsky comes out of the bar, squinting into the sunshine, and puts his arm out to steady himself, and his hand lands over Hutch's face.  It's so sweet.  Now that they're away from potential bad guys, Hutch is fully enjoying Starsky's drunkedness, and lovingly toying with him.

And -- oh, my God -- Starsky with his head on Hutch's thigh, as Hutch tries to move him out of the way, so he can get in the seat and drive.  And then that classic line of Hutch's, when he discovers Starsky's dance shoes -- "Maybe If you tried on your little black pumps, darling, you'd feel better."  I don't think that line could have gotten past the censors in other circumstances.

Poor Starsky is sitting in the passenger side of the Torino, suffering from a hangover, when they spot Dolly's yellow pickup.  After unsuccessfully trying to tail her, and spinning the Torino around, Starsky announces that he's "gonna be sick", and they both jump out of the car.  It's great choreography when the radio beeps and they both reach for it at the same time, Starsky with his hand over his mouth.

At the amateur talent contest, I suppose Hutch only shows minimal stage fright (as opposed to "Long Walk"), because he's playing an undercover role.  It's hard to know whether or not Starsky is also playing undercover, or being his true self, when he's such enthusiastic support for Hutch.  At least, it's a nice thing that the band and the crowd starts to get into it, boosting Hutch's confidence.

Starsky pulls a fast one in being able to get Hutch to leave their table, so that he's the one left to talk to Dolly.

From here on out, the episode doesn't have much to offer.  It is fun seeing Hutch riding around on the motorcycle, and being so forceful to Dobey on the pay phone that he get a helicopter out there (presumably, because he's concerned about Starsky's safety).  Of course, his clumsiness causes Starsky to apparently break something in his foot, which in turn causes him to miss the dance contest.  Which, in turn, allows Hutch to turn the tables on him from the talent night show (and in line with other episodes), and take Starsky's date to the dance contest instead.


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Jan. 28th, 2013 09:10 pm (UTC)
The Starsky drunk scene is adorable and I love it....
.....except I have never been able to figure out why Hutch lets him drink it when perhaps that is the very laced stuff that is killing people.....
Jan. 29th, 2013 10:35 am (UTC)
here here!
Jan. 29th, 2013 02:32 pm (UTC)
I almost addressed it in my post, but since it is such typical contrived TV plotting....

I see it as, they needed Starsky to get drunk and Hutch sober for the cutesy stuff to follow. So, if Hutch is sober while drinking beer, Starsky can't merely drink a beer. Therefore, they needed him to drink the moonshine to get drunk quickly.

So, they set up Starsky needing to drink the moonshine, in order to show that he's a "good ol' boy" and doesn't offend the big guy.

Yeah, it is a "huh?" moment that Hutch isn't concerned that the stuff could kill Starsky (especially since Starsky expresses that very thing), but there would have been a whole lot more people dying if the general supply of moonshine was laced. So, I see it as playing some pretty safe odds... it was highly unlikely that the moonshine at that particular establishment was deadly. At least, that's how I explain it to myself. :-)

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