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Feedback for the "Adventure" Series

Lots of spoilers.  Stories are in chronological order.

Very sweet!
My favourite quote about Starsky:  "Starsky is pure Love.  Love in human form.  He doesn’t know how else to be.  Just watch him, Dad.  If you get a chance to be alone with him while you’re here, watch how he so thoroughly embraces life.”


Read Adventure and the Sandman. I loved both so I tracked down your web page.  It's marvelous.


This story was also recced on Crack Van.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy the Adventure series, and how glad I am that you just posted a third in that series. I really enjoyed reading it. I love their committed relationship, and it's so great reading about their lives. Hutch's sister and her treatment of him was awful! But very realistic, too.


I just finished "All Our Relations."  I love the fact that you have done sequels or continuations from the original "Adventure" to "The Sandman" and now "All Our Relations."

Still don't trust Nicky.  Always will be the shady character.  But I love to dislike Hutch's sister Lanette.  Very different character than I have seen before.  I like how Hutch is getting along with his Dad, even though it may be because he has cancer.

I hope there is another sequel to this story line.  I feel like you are leading us to another section of their lives at the end of "All Our Relations."

Glad that you having more ideas that leads to new stories.  I am enjoying them.

"The Female Factor" was definitely a great follow-on story to "All our Relations."  I love the way Starsky sees things from the outside and is able to put the relationship between Hutch and Lanette into perspective.  He does the same thing with Kyeesha and Hutch.  The interaction between Starsky and Meredith was spot on especially after the suicide attempt.  I love how both Starsky and Hutch wanted Kyeesha to know that she had someone to depend on, besides her family, for help and guidance.  I hope you are able to write some additional stories from this train of stories.  It is kind of like a weekly series.


I always enjoy reading this series, which I've told you before in feedback emails.  You've created such a comfortable, loving life for them. It was interesting to read about Meredith, and I really liked the Kyeesha character. I could just imagine someone like that falling for sweet Hutch---you writing that his voice lowered an octave when he spoke to her was easily imagined for me. (Obviously, I am a Hutch girl.) I also loved S telling Kyeesha that he is a six foot one ball of mush, or something to that effect. Love Hutch! It was a first to read a story where either of the guys is on a toilet! LOL!


This story was also recced on Crack Van.

Thanks so much for another story in the Adventure series! As I've told you before, I just love their relationship in this series. I read it with my morning coffee...Hutch's naked upper lip and the charge it gave Starsky was terrific, and I had to grin at Starsky's liberal use of the word "gigantic" when talking about his dick! So like a man!


What a great fantasy romp and so well played out!  First I felt sorry for the spider, but glad that Hutch shaved off the cookie duster.  I never liked Hutch or David Soul with that mustache.

The visuals were very stimulating to see in my mind how Hutch's fantasy played out and how they reaffirmed their love for one another at the end.  Hope they got that second job!  Hope to see some more follow on stories on this theme - I'm really enjoying them.

Thanks for sharing!

Just finished Starlight and what a great way to tell a story about homophobia.  I loved the way you were able to  have them both invited to dinner under a false pretense and then Starsky telling her goodbye.

When they went to Virginia, I thought for sure we would see their Alien friends again.  Not this time though.  And them on a bowling league - how fun is that.  LOL - they'll be great!

It was good to see the Steve Hanson character back again.  I haven't started the sequel so I assume that part of the story continues there.

Thanks for sharing again

I just finished reading Starlight and Collage, I'm really enjoying this series of stories and I'm learning a lot about race horses. They only thing I would like to read is a little more sex between the guys, just knowing all the men that I know, they'd still be as horny as hell, especially with the hormones these two have and as gorgeous as they are! Ok, so I'm fishing for explicit SH sex, can you blame me? LOL!


Just finished "Collage."  These sequels just get better.  I love how you interwove the issue with the Dobey's.  Who would have ever thought that Edith would have an affair and Dobey taking up with a mid life crisis "tart."  I think personally she was just out for the money.  Glad they are getting back together though.

I do like/love the book writing sections - on the Commodore 64 of course.  His style of writing is so poetic and Hutch just loves to read all of it.  I think Hutch gets to discover so much more about Starsky through his writing.

As for the main part of the story, so sorry to see Steve Hanson die.  But Steve left our boys with the opportunity to own a race horse.  I am so happy Starsky got his way, pouting or not.

Well, you have definitely left the door open for the next installment.  You are keeping the characters true to form in their speech and mannerisms.

Thanks for sharing.

I really like that you introduced Darla into their lives. She's noble and bold and a whole lot more interesting than a dog or cat. You've obviously done your research on the racing scene and it sounds believable. Being a horsey person myself, I appreciate having (well written) horses in S&H stories but can't see Starsky being comfortable riding so having them involved a bit more vicariously in the equine world really works.

The way Nick is evolving is terrific. He's often written really one dimensionally but you've managed to make his character almost as interesting as S&H's. You've kept him true to canon (somewhat irresposible, etc) but he's growing up and redeeming himself. It's about time, considering he must be about 33 or so by now, but most authors seem happy to let him be stuck as he was in "Starsky's Brother". People change.

And this is just a small one, but I really like how you've given Starsky a weight problem that he has to deal with. It's so unrealistic that the only weight problem the guys ever seem to have is being underweight, yet in all the hundreds of stories I've read neither of them has ever had an extra inch around the middle. So, thank you for the dose of reality from a slightly pudgy middle-aged person....


I really enjoyed "A Family Affair". For some reason, I always enjoy reading about the guys going to one of their family's homes. I loved the scenes with Lannie. I wonder if you know someone like that...she seems very real. I sniffled a bit when she said those things to Hutch outside, and loved when Hutch told her off. I'm so glad he did! I was really happy to find some good sex in this one, too. Not only am I a horny bitch, I guess, but I also just feel it intensifies the love between them.

I enjoyed the emotional hurt/comfort. I am still hoping there will be some good physical Hutch h/c sometime in the future. I am terrified you are going to give Hutch AIDS due to the heroin needles. Not to mention the fact that both have probably had numerous transfusions. Either one of them getting it would break my heart. I love this world of theirs.
Thanks for another great story!


Another great installment to the S&H saga.  I have to say though I am not a fan of Hutch's sister Lannie.

She is so cold to her brother and Starsky.  I think she is just jealous of the fact that they love each other and show it and she has never had that in any of her relationships.  She is very hollow.

It was good to see a little bit of hurt/comfort in the story.  I hate to see either of them hurt, but the comfort part makes up for it.

And Darla!  Yeah!  She won a race.  Now they definitely will have to open a separate bank account to handle the winnings.

So, if there is another installment, I see the possibility of a little danger in this new job they are taking on.  It's pretty desolate out by those oil rigs and no where to hide.

Thanks for another great story!

I really have gotten caught up in this series of domestic life you have created for the guys, I  have read them all. I really, really enjoyed Realignment! I liked the sex, there was just the right amount and it and I love the Nick part and the Richard part and the Hurt Hutch part and the case part and the Starsky part and the squirt gun part. It was a great read. I hope there will be more.


I really enjoyed the newest in your Adventure series! I am so glad that Nick is slowly becoming a better person. I had one moment of fear that he'd replaced some of the money with counterfeit!  It's so nice to be able to lose myself in their little world for a while. It's very satisfying--thanks so much! I also was heartened that Nick broke through Lannie's ice a little, and I enjoyed Richard's visit. I also enjoyed the love scenes because they add so much feeling to their relationship (and they're so hot!). Hutch getting hurt was an added bonus!


Finally got a chance to finish "Realignment."  Wow, action, H/C, Nicky, Darla and Mr. Hutchinson all rolled up into one segment.

I like the way you developed the story around Nicky and trying to help him with a fresh start.  Its almost like a love/hate relationship between Nicky and David.  Sometimes you want to strangle him and next you want to wrap your arms around him because he is hurting because of Lanette.  She is a cold bitch.  Must take after Dad.   Although, Dad, now that he doesn't have that much time left has thawed out quite a bit.

Need to write more that book Starsky.  He hasn't added anything in quite a few months.  Maybe after their vacation they will get back to do some more writing.  Maybe even Darla wins the next race.  Time will tell.

Thanks for another great installment.

Just finished Vacation.  That's definitely what I have always wanted to do - just take off with no specific plans and travel around.  I think Starsky just loved driving his Vette with the top down and his favorite Blond riding shotgun.

I love where the retirement discussion was going.  They would be great at that.  I can just see them doing that in their later years.

I really enjoyed them!  I love crawling into that world.  I want to go and live with them for a while, go to one of Darla's races and hang out with them. It is weird, because I certainly love h/c stories.  But the Adventure stories appeal to me on a whole different level. It just seems like they deserve a peaceful life after everything they have been through.   I like the idea of a therapeutic riding farm....  It is really beautiful to see. I could see Starsky working with kids and animals.  And Hutch has some experience from his grandfathers farm so he may know a thing or two about running one... maybe.


I laughed and I cried through this adventure.

I loved that the boys have expanded their PI business and moved it into an actual office.  Now they have more time for themselves.

I was sad that Richard had finally passed, but that was inevitable.  I liked how you wove in the homophobic cousin and wife Alice.  What a bunch of jerks.  Of course it didn't help that Lorraine is just as bad, but doesn't really come out with it - just subtle, cold statements.

I was really surprised at Lannie sticking up for her brother to their cousin.  Maybe she is finally ready to settle down with Nick.

Yeah!  Darla won a big race.  Sure hope she continues to win for them so they can open that Riding Stable for Disabled and Disadvantaged children.  That would be a great adventure for their older years.

Hope there is a next installment.  I really love where you are taking them in their lives.  I think some new adventure/danger would be great for the next installment.

Just finished "Summer Love" and I loved it.  It had all the makings of a great multi-layered story.  We had suspense and drama with both the Mr. Marshall and his daughter Ashley and also the complicated love between Nick and Lannie.  There was additional drama of Patricia who seemed to be wrapped up in her white bread world only learning that there were other lifestyles and a racial mix of friends outside her home town of Duluth.  Julie seemed to be very well rounded even if she was obsessed with horses.

I love that Starsky, as usual, is so giving when he purchases Poncho so that Hutch can have some outlet in which he enjoys.  The 40th Birthday party was a hoot with the video of Hutch "Through the years."  The ending was the best with the additional writing by Starsky for their book.

Just finished "Autumn Leaves."  This was both exciting and sad and a bit of hurt and comfort.

This would have been a much different story if the gardener hadn't rang the door bell.  Not sure Starsky would be able to go on after that.  He was so despondent and he hadn't even gone through with it.

Sad to see Darla being retired, but there had to be a conclusion to her racing at some point and having the injury just accelerated the decision.  I'm hoping there will be more down the line when Darla has her first "baby" as Starsky likes to say.

Poor Hutch, why is he always getting hurt these days - shot twice now and almost thought he was killed off in a car accident.  We need a little H/C with Starsky.  I think Hutch is a much better mother hen.

Looking forward to your next installment.  I've liked this "Adventure" series from the beginning, even if it was a little AU I think it fit in perfectly with the rest of the series.


My first gut reaction when I finished the first one was:  "You are so mushy, you know??!!
Awe, I just love, love, love that universe.  I so would want them to be so happy.  I would so hope for that kind of solid, pure, unlimited, whole lifelong love for them. I just enjoy crawling into that story for a while.

....And their two horses now is great.  Yes, Starsky would be excited about babies... he is a sap, too!  The little "almost" Starsky had was interesting because they really never stopped liking women, they just started loving each other.  So it could happen, that temptation some time.  And Starsky's guilt at having the feelings is very realistic.  I like your Nick, too. I'm glad they have a relationship with him.  All around just nice Sunday afternoon reading. No real angst, just enough uncertainty and emotion to keep it interesting while keeping the guys generally happy.

Just a big thank you for the new S/H story . Loved it ,love this universe.please continue with the series if you would .i enjoy reading your stories


Loved this latest installment.

I felt so bad for Starsky after he heard back about his book.  The criticism hurt him, but Hutch was there to try to look at it from different angles.  I understood why she said some of the things like Starsky should leave out the part of the alien kidnapping.  Who would believe that.  But she is right in that it is three different books.  I agree with Hutch that Starsky should get another opinion.  This is just her opinion of the book.  Who knows, someone else might have a whole different take on it.  Hutch is really supportive of though.

I thought the part of how Starsky always gets what he wants from Hutch even though Hutch usually says no.  Its nice that Hutch does those things, but for Starsky I would think it would almost be like asking for something specific and then getting it as a Christmas or Birthday gift.  It wasn't something that Hutch thought of on his own that would make it special.  But now, Hutch is thinking of combining something he wants and something for Starsky without Starsky even asking for it - the extension on the house.  That really made Starsky feel special and boy did he get emotional over it.  I was a little teary eyed myself.

I think its great that Nick wants to start his own PI business and that Starsky and Hutch are willing to help him succeed without handing everything over.  I definitely don't see Nick working in Lannie's shops all his life.   Definitely not his style.

I think everyone needs to understand Lannie better.  She has had, what appears to be, parents that did not support her decision to open her own business and did not take any interest in it, and a husband who hurt her and their marriage.  She has had know one to help her so she is going to be forthright in what she wants and go after it.  She needs to be strong for herself and I think she has built a coat of armor around herself for protection from being hurt again.  I'm not sure she will ever truly let Nick inside.  I don't think she can let herself seem vulnerable.

I am so looking forward to the next installment.

The "Adventure" series of stories can be found here.


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Apr. 18th, 2015 05:15 pm (UTC)
After two years away from the fandom, I wanted to read something about the boys. I'd read more than half of the Adventure series, so I picked up where I left off.
Although I don't hold much interest in the horses, I do like to read about the many things the guys have going in their lives. The horses, the investigative firm, Starsky's book, the plants and trains...
I feel so, so sorry for Hutch and they way he's so caring in a family that isn't. I really want to throttle Lorraine every time she opens her mouth. When she was so uncaring when they thought Hutch had died in a fiery crash--ARG! She kept going on about not having to plan another funeral. What a bitch. I wonder how she would react if Hutch were critically injured--I'd love to see a freaked out Starsky, worried for Hutch's life, really lay into the bitch.
I also like the way Hutch has gotten his acceptance from all the love Starsky's given him.
I was a tad disappointed, since I love bottom/Hutch, not to get something a little more explicit when Starsky was so forward with him after the fight. Hot! A few installments ago, I felt the sex had gotten kind of clinical, but it's been intimated since that it is passionate. (And it may just be that you're uncomfortable writing sex scenes.)
Nick and Lannie are interesting. Lannie is like a little Lorraine, but I like to think she can change, if Nick really tries.
I enjoy that Hutch calls Starsky "David" when speaking to their friends about him. I am very interested in the whole acceptance thing. I would love to see Huggy's or Dobey's or Aunt Rosey's reactions to seeing their loving and caring in person. (I know Dobey and Huggy have seen it, but not much in the married capacity.)
I look forward to the next installment. If the series starts getting into balding and paunchiness, though, I'll have to bail out, as I get squicked by the older guys. I have enough of that kind of realism in my own life, lol. Readng fanfiction is an escape to me.
I wonder if S and H will ever have another experience of the alien sort, or if alien sightings of some sort may enter their lives? Or if they will ever become friends with another gay male couple? It interests me to think what might come about there, as S and H's marriage came about so differently.
Much love (((hugs))) and thanks for another entertaining installment.
Apr. 18th, 2015 11:08 pm (UTC)
Welcome back!

I think it was quite a major undertaking to catch up on the "Adventure" stories, and I appreciate it!

I see Lorraine as being a product of her generation -- where she had to play a certain role to please men, and so she developed certain behaviors to be "proper", and now that she doesn't necessarily need to be proper, she's trying to figure out how she feels about various things.

No, it's not that I'm uncomfortable writing sex scenes, it just seems rather pointless when they aren't really necessary, and there's other plot going on. And after the catastrophe of "The Claiming", I'm done with sex-for-the-sake-of-sex stories.

As far as the guys getting older... well, I think this series is moving along pretty slowly for that very reason. I don't know how long I'll keep going with it, but it is a concern that the passage of time is going to make its mark, in various ways.

I appreciate you mentioning aliens, though I haven't given serious thought to anything further. The original story was hard for some to accept for that very reason. I think, for some, it turned an otherwise good story into a Big Joke. But I'll always be proud of its uniqueness.

Thanks so much for dropping in!
Jun. 16th, 2017 12:52 am (UTC)
Love your day to day style :)
I thoroughly enjoyed this series - I only just discovered it a couple weeks ago and have been eagerly reading each installment. Love to see the guys in a lifestyle that still challenges them. Very, very nicely done! Thanks so much for all your work!
Jun. 16th, 2017 12:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Love your day to day style :)
Thanks for your comments!
Jul. 1st, 2017 05:24 pm (UTC)
Adventure Series
Thank you for the update I really like this series.
Sep. 9th, 2017 12:10 am (UTC)
Another fantastic sequel in this Adventure series. This one took me back to some of the situations they faced while detectives. So glad they are their own bosses now, but you can't argue with Nick and his feelings on Starsky being shot. I wanted the story to continue so we could see how Hutch is going to deal with his feelings as well, but I guess we'll have to wait patiently until your wonderful writing lets us know. Have loved this series from the beginning. Please keep it going. Must apologize for not having complimented sooner.
Oct. 29th, 2017 04:24 pm (UTC)
New update
I love this fic thanks for the update. Have a good day!
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