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The Crying Child

Since child abuse is a subject that can easily result in push-button drama, It seems very odd to me that this episode has had hardly any fanfic related to it.

Not that I think Starsky or Hutch were ever subjected to physical abuse.  I do think Hutch probably had some emotional neglect.  But one can do a child abuse story without making one of the guys directly subjected to it.

Anyway, what always stands out to me with this episode (which my local channel aired this afternoon) is the tremendous physical specimen the father, Eddie Mayer (played by Mike Lane), is.  In the scene where he's in the child abuse office being questioned, Starsky and Hutch look like little kids in his presence.  I looked up the actor, and he had been a professional wrestler many years before.  One source lists his height at 6'5", another at 6'8".  I tend to believe the latter.     

Actually, all the actors in this were pretty terrific, and all the characters (save the mother) very likable.

So, who was more effected by the child abuse, Starsky
or Hutch?  Hutch is the one who seems the most hesitant and uncomfortable.  But Starsky is the one who is so upset that he leaves the classroom.  And makes the point of saying, "We have a lot to learn." 

I can never figure out what the mother is doing to Guy to make those marks on his back.  She's beating him with what, exactly?  Maybe a wooden stick with rough edges?  Back then, you couldn't have a child pulling down his pants on television.  I suppose lower back was as close as they could get to rear end.