charlotte_frost's Journal

A Retrospective and Various Musings

Charlotte Frost
18 March 1961
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This LJ was inspired by Starsky's new hobby in the story "Collage".

This LJ is not locked; therefore, anyone with internet access can read it.

I started this as a blog for my reflections on my interest in my fandoms -- primarily Starsky & Hutch -- my fan fiction, and related matters. I had comments turned off most of the first year, as I don't intend this blog to be for the purpose of generating discussion. It's just me talking about my experiences, past and presence. But if anyone reading wants to comment, they now can.

If you want a reply, you need to send an email to regmoore@earthlink.net, as I greatly prefer one-on-one interaction. I have had the same email address for some 17 years, and don't use a spam blocker or anything else to prevent others from reaching me.

For the present time, at least, this LJ is dedicated to all that love, however it might be expressed.

Twitter: CharlotteFrostFanfic